Give us your guns. We'll give you food!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Virtue 7, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. LA offers groceries for guns in annual buyback - CenturyLink

  2. I absolutely abhor the idea of gun buy-backs, but I have to admit that this is better than the usual "guns for toys" you tend to see.

    The assault on civilian gun ownership needs to stop.
  3. I'm just amazed good and honest gun owners are giving up their guns.
  4. Same. This is the dumbest thing.

    My .45 smith n Wes cost me bout 665 in taxes ans additions. I'm not trading it for 100 bucks. Get that fux out.
  5. and if that's not a bastardious way of making Americans defenseless against its own government. It is the same as the Cash For Gold shops where you give something valuable and get papers that can be substitued for something valuable but not in hyperinflation...
  6. California so progressive That they are playing into the hands of the masters in this one.

  7. Some people really need the money, the holidays can be really fuckin expensive for some families. It's really sad if you think about it :(
  8. Yep, the moment you hand over your gun Osama himself will kick you to the ground and put a gun to your face.
  9. Funny that the government has money to rip citizens off, yet so little money to actually fix the root problem for why people would need to sell their $500+ gun for $100 to make ends meet.
  10. no matter how many guns i have they will still have more

    .... peaceful warrior

  11. you are dumb, they are willingly turning in their guns.
  12. From my cold dead hands
  13. i dont get why people would trade them for so little why not go through the right channels and sell it so you get more than a 25 dollar gift card to walmart
  14. I heard they also got 2 rocket launchers too
  15. Virtue, correct me if I am wrong but aren't you a bit more into the conspiracy type of stuff today than you were.. say.. 5 months ago..?
  16. Well, this is real life.. as compared to olympics. i always admitted the people at the top were leading us to turmoil... just never agreed with making predictions and spreading information because movies are dropping subliminal messages
  17. This.
  18. You'd think after the shootings people would be more reluctant to give up their weapons, not less...
  19. Lol go give them your guns an see what happens

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