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  1. Hi,

    I posted a thread a week or two ago regarding my plants here's the link

    Anyway after I flushed them they started improving, but they still aren't even close to being perfect.

    I am using the Bio Bizz nutrients range and light mix soil. The leaves are curling like a rams foot which suggests to much nitrogen so I reduced the amount of Bio Grow (it says on the label that it is 8% nitrogen) There is three weeks to go including the flush, and a lot of the leaves have nute burn which I can't undersatnd as I am following the guide lines exactly. Also the buds haven't really taken off yet.:confused:

    On a seperate question Im not sure if the c02 is being used propperly. I feel like the c02 is coming out in more of a straight line spray missing the top collars, i.e not a wide angle spray. Does this matter, will the room fill up anyway etc? The pipe is clear PVC. Pics of the c02 setup can be seen in my last post.

    Thanks to all for the much needed help....

    I will be checking the post often so let me know if there is anything else you guys need to know.....
  2. Here's a few pics of them... you can see the different leave problems and also some of the leaves look like they have a light coloured flake on them.

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  3. Even though you may be fallowing the grow directions perfect all strains are different!!! But your plants does look a little stressed, but still ok!:) what i would do is flush one more time, then cont. with the nutes. Start small with the nutes though dont over due it!!! if you continue to see the burns stop! Do one last final flush to get ready for harvest!! Use water from here on out, make just not to over water during this stage!!! Good luck man!:D

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