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  1. I save my vegetable scraps to make stock when i have enough. Is it even beneficial to give the worms the boiled down scraps when im done? Is there anything in there after cooking it down?
  2. thrasher.......

    If you're using red wigglers (Eisenia fetida), they will eat most any organic scrap you throw their way, whether raw, cooked, or starting to go bad. Hell yeah....feed 'em everything you can. They'll even eat meat/dairy scraps, which I don't advocate, but if you do use them I suggest Bokashi composting them first.
    [ame=""]YouTube - How to Make Bokashi[/ame]

  3. Thanks chunkdaddy,

    I sort of figured it would be ok to use. I started thinking how all the flavor is boiled out after a while and wondered if it would have the fiber or minerals left in to be useful. I didnt know if it would be like candy to them by tasting good but no nutritional value. I have to stop over thinking things!

    I was just reading about the bokashi in the worm bin stickie(by LD if i remember correctly) and definitely gonna go that route. No rotten smell and faster, win win.

    Thanks again chunk, you and the rest of the family on GC really put out some great info on here. Keep up the good work, i enjoy learning from you all!

  4. Do not use cooked food for any kind of compost, especially if is that with worms.

    There is many different types of salts,sugars and natural poisons like a pepper chilly what isnt good for compost / worms / plants.

    Raw is something what should be used.

    Sorry if I got ya wrong in your question.

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