Give Tips on 1st 50 Gal. Trash can grow

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  1. 50 gallon plastic trashcan in a closet
    1 ~ 90w Triband UFO ~ placed at the top
    3 ~ 24' T5 (3000k bloom) ~ placed in 3 of the 4 corners running vertical
    venting with
    4' ductbooster fan (90 cfm) placed at the top w/ a 4' Pvc light trap
    4' passive intake near the bottom ~ pvc Light trap
    2 gallon poly grow bags (10'x6.25'x6') w/ Foxfarm OceanForest Organic soil w/ some FloraNova bloom & Grow added

    * White Berry & purple crush from Seed * Smell should not be a problem

    -Should I add 2 or 3 CFL's to this plan ? if so what type & where
    -how many 2 gal. plants would you use
    -Also any other tips you would suggest
  2. hahaha- first thing I thought of was trailer park boys...

  3. Any REAL tips ?
    Thanks =)
  4. How wide is that trash can?
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    39.25" H. x 25" W. x 22" D
  6. If you wanna add CFL's go with 6400k to balance out the spectrum from the T5's. Sounds to me like two plants would fit pretty well, but I'd be careful about running different strains in the same bucket.
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    Are you going to lst that ?

    Edit : nvrmnd diff nutrients too :smoke:
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    If you have a closet why the trashcan?

  9. must be semi stealthy to start & this is step 1

  10. Do you think LST is needed for 2 plants ?
    Its been years since I last grew but I was thinking of either LST or Topping them as a way to increase yield. leaning towards LST

    This project is just now starting so I can change a few things around before crunch time.
  11. ~BUMP~
    * also *
    Has anyone had experience with 90w UFO LED + T5's and small areas like this? .... do you expect a heat issue ?

    IE... 90 cfm should be good ?

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