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  1. Well blades, I got pulled over for expired insurance... and to make a long story short, i refused a search, they called in dogs, etc. etc.

    So i looked into this "expired insurance/revoked tags" situation and apparently it was an error that the DMV had made unrelated to my insurance company.

    Basically, since the DMV fucked up, I got pulled over and ended up getting a possession/paraphernalia (for the bag) charge.

    The fuck :(
  2. wow, that sucks balls man.
  3. The smelly proof bag

    Nuff said
  4. You did get fucked somewhat because of an error on behalf of the State.

    However, you're forgetting to look at yourself for blame. You never had to be rolling around with grass and a pipe in your car. I always get high and leave the house, never riding dirty unless it's for a very good reason - casual smoking is not one.

    Whether or not you should care to admit it, you hold some blame here :smoking:
  5. someone rear ended me the other day and we had a fucking quarter pound in the front, but it was still in it's industrial sealed state.

    the cop looked at it and asked what it was and we said it was just something for my friends mother we didn't know lol. didn't smell or anything but yeah.

    one time my friend and I were driving and smoking a blunt and a Haitian woman sideswiped me, a minute later cops came and the car reeked of bud, but the cop never said anything o_O
  6. I t-boned somebody once and as i pulled over i was so dazed from the accident i immediatly got out and fell down, realized what the fuck just happened yadda yadda tow driver shows up, gets my keys my bong meanwhile is sitting undernathe the passanger side seat with an open bag of weed (Unsealable) it obviously REEKED so as soon as i watched the dude open my door and put the park brake off he said something to the officer and i almost died but nothing came of it, i grabbed my shit and left. Next day went to grab my other shit and found my 300$ stereo ripped out fucking pissed.
  7. I'm sorry but that is so inconvenient that its a tad funny. But really, sorry mayne. Getting charges like that are bs. Why the fuck do they wanna search for expired insurance? Fuckin police...
  8. Ya I'd be pissed too! You should contact the towing company and see if theres anything they can do, I'd think they would need to replace it wouldn't they?
  9. :confused: It is still an illegal search since they had no probable cause for the search. :smoke:
  10. This.
    Also hide your ganja in your asshole.

  11. ....Or.... Not, you know?:smoking:
  12. I would have ate it or hid it under my nutsack when he went back to his cruiser to get a search warrant.
  13. After you refuse the sreach your suppose to say if your being detained or free to go. And book it am pretty sure you had to wait for the dog. Don't belive you were being detained

  14. Smelly proof bags are not effective against k9 dog units. A dogs smell receptors are exponentially better than humans, while you cant smell anything from a smelly proof bag, the dog will be able to.

    the only thing he shoulda done was to not have his dope in the car with him, as thats usually a bad idea.
  15. I got pulled over once because my car matched that of someone who just knifed somebody. They immediately told me to get out and searched me and my buddy and the whole car inside out. I had just picked a fresh ounce and it was chillin in my bag. When the cop asked who's it was I right away say me, be puts my bag back in the car and says I don't want to see you around here and keep that shit at home. Then checked for warrants and left. Basically they knew what they did was illegal so had no choice but to hand back my ganj lmao
  16. can I smash your dumb slut of a friend?
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