give the bud some taste

Discussion in 'General' started by tiny_timca, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know how to give bud a flavour or smell cause i just had

    some of my boys stuff and it tasted and smelled like strawberrys i've

    never had stuff like that befor he said he got it from some guy at his work

    does anyone know how this could be done? i was thinking maybe some

    kind of fruit and put it into a mason jar with a nice bud. just a thought?

    any answers friends
  2. ya pretty mcuh
  3. some ideas:

    1. search it
    2. put vanilla extract in a jar with the weed
    3. smoke a bong with fruit juice or somthing in it
  4. maybe sprinkle some incence on your bud that taste like fruit? Burn some dried fruit? Never really thought of giving my bud a specific flavour lol.....mmm banana bud
  5. People put apple peels in with their bud to make it moist if it's super dry, which in turn makes it smell like apples. I suppose you could do it with banana peels too and whatever else.

    I don't do it. I dig the green smell and taste! I have put grape juice in my bong instead of water and that worked out well, though.
  6. i sometimes put a piece of orange peel in my bag. i just put in a piece the size of my thumb for every 1/8 of bud i have.

    keeps it moist, and smells all nice and citrusy and tasty too
  7. I sprinkled some crushed up Cinnamon Altoids on my bud before I smoked it...and it was pretty good : ) Tasted like cinnamon, heh heh (imagine that).

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