Give Or Recieve

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    So i like to recieve cause i wanna see what ur workin with right :D, but let me tell u something, nothing gets me hornier than when i eat a chik out/fingering/both at same time and she loves it so much and starts arching her back getting ready to erupt and jus lets go......:yummy:
    I put in work... lmao


    Give or Recieve??

  2. I get pleasure from giving and receiving. :ey:

    lol'd at tag.

  3. Cuz, I swear we gotta be one in the same. There is nothing better than being down there knowing you doing the right thing and you just see the girl loose control. That, hands down has got to be the biggest turn on as far as giving oral goes.
  4. yea man def, when u see those toes curl, u kno ur doing something right :D
  5. I give to receive.

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