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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bongbabe420, May 12, 2011.

  1. So just to make things clear, I HATE facebook.
    It's a big waste of time & just causes problems.

    My boyfriend of 3 years (off & on) just made one & he refuses to add me.
    He says there is no reason for me to be on there.
    He sends me messages & pokes me non-stop...but won't add me.
    ...He MUST be hiding's the only logical explanation...but he swears he isn't.

    I feel absolutely fucking retarded getting mad over something as stupid as facebook.
    How would you feel if you were in this situation?
  2. definetly hidin somethin
  3. Oh yeah, he won't add any of my friends either.
  4. where theres smoke theres fire... use your better judgement. hes way hiding shit
  5. I'm with ya on your feelings about Facebook. That place is a cesspool of filth.

    But you have every right to be mad. Dating the guy for 3 years and he still hasn't even so much as added you on Facebook? That is some serious sketchy behavior, my friend. If he had nothing to hide, he would add you.

    I would bust his chops something fierce!
  6. does it matter why he isn't open with you? the fact of the matter is distressing enough to a relationship
  7. But what the fuck am I supposed to do...break up with him over something as stupid as Facebook?!
  8. i would advise you explain to him the impression his behavior is causing. unresolved, it can only get worse, and getting worse can only have negative ramifications to the relationship
  9. If there's shit on his facebook that he doesn't feel like sharing with you after being together for 3 years, he's hiding something. Chances are he's doing things that you wouldn't approve of for one reason or another. I sense some communication issues here...
  10. Fuck facebook, do not let a useless tool interfere with your personal relationships that is insanity.
  11. I'm trying my hardest not to.
  12. Playing the devils advocate... I can understand why you are upset.

    There is no reason he should not be adding you miss.
  13. if this was something private and personal, i would caution you against trying to destroy whatever privacy he has. but this is public, and on the internet, and whoever he does invite to it will get the message that you're beneath them. i wouldn't overreact and think it's a serious problem (yet), it could just be that he's monumentally insensitive, but whether he means it or not this is publicly disgracing you. that's not what good lovers do to each other.

  14. this is the right answer
  15. Ignore it. Just act like its not a big deal.. you know. Because it isn't. If he's hiding something, that's something you should be able to address him in real life with. Not via text, or fb, or email.

    Get REAL. The whole world is driving themselves mad via fantasy life of ze interwebz.
  16. I would & want to ignore it, but this is causing REAL life trust issues.
  17. I've tried talking to him about it...he just ignore me or changes the subject..
  18. He is hiding something. Don't listen to blowfish(come on dude), there isn't any logical explanation why he wouldn't let you be a part of his Facebook unless he's keeping something from you and your friends.
  19. Idk if a girl did that to me it wouldnt even be about facebook, it would be because it seems like shes hiding something and if theres nothing to worry about then it lets see the damn shit
  20. sounds like hes mackin on bitches or something and is too pussy to show you whats really up, and or he is just being a huge dork.

    how old is he, and what type of guy is he, etc etc all play a role in you determining his actions.

    facebook wont do shit for you just dig deeper,
    but i meaan, you can see anything he posts if you want, just be sneaky (;

    i mean, thats if you want to know for sure,

    but at least he pokes you ftw, thaats g.

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