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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Oaken007, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I'm not really new here, I do mostly reading, but I haven't posted a lot of threads.

    Anyways, I've been trying not to post this thread for several weeks because I didn't want to get crucified by other people here.

    Before we go any further, let me just first advise you guys that I have done a lot of reading about growing indoors and have decided that I want to dedicate this year to growing my own bud. I'm sick of paying for it. I'm sick of waiting on dealers to get their shipment in, or get off work before I can get my bud. With that being said, this will be for my own (and maybe my roommates) personal smoke stash.

    Now, I have two closets in my bedroom. One is a rather smaller closet (which I thought might be ideal in growing) and the other one is my main closet (walk-in). I was thinking of building a box and putting it in there. Now since the walk-in closet is my main closet, I was thinking of NOT growing in there, because I don't want to "disturb" the plants as I use that closet more than the other.

    Here's some pictures and dimensions

    Big closet: 6'Wx3'Lx8'H

    Little Closet: 3'Wx2'Lx8'H


    Now, I'd like to use this thread to track my progress from beginning to end.

    I want to build a box, not sure the dimensions it should be, for the grow space, and maybe with a lock on it, so no one can fumble with it. But I'm really confused on some things, that I will continue to do my research on.

    Question is: Which closet do you think I should use?
  2. closet looks big enough...just make sure u get a lock...but it might look weird..idk.
  3. I think the smaller closet would be plenty big for a personal grow. I would recommend setting up two different lighting zones so you can vegetate and flower at the same time, ensuring a continuous supply of herbage.

    I built a grow box that I am using to veg and have been setting the vegged clones outside to flower (cause I live where the weather stays relatively warm year round).

    If you're going to do a strictly indoor grow, I'd suggest a box to veg and then take the plants into the closet itself to flower. My prob with the box is that it isn't big enough to hold more than one or two decent sized plants, but the closet would be great.

    Note that the bottom of the box is now insulated like the top to prevent the light from shining through.

    a clone vegetated in the box, ready to flower.
  4. Maybe put the veg. box on the top shelf since you have 8'and add a piece of custom cut wood (added to the upper shelf sealing to the inner closed door)to block the light from above if not sealed and use the lower for a SCROG or flower area.

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