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  1. ok so far im fairly new to the whole growing thing but i have done countless hours of research & i would like some advice from some seasoned vets. ok so right now i have one seedling growing in a makeshift box its under 2 6" floros which are about 2-2.5" away i wait to water it until its dry 1" into the soil so far im on the 6th day & its bout 4" tall looks fairly healthy i am giving it a miricle grow nutrient water. right now im alittle poor but when i get some money i will be building a 4x4x4 grow box for my closet stealth isnt a issue niether is smell i live in the middle of nowhere i want to grow 2 plants in the box & 6 in my woods & its kinda hard to get seeds so i was planning on cloning how easy is this??? i want my indoor plants to get to say 3.5ft tall i plan on fimming & lsting them both so what kinda floros will i need for the box to get exxelent light & im all set with fans for exhuast .
    so please tell me what i need to make this a fully functionial box

    btw its bag seed so im not expecting dank just some mids would be nice

  2. Check out the shopping list I put in this thread:

    At 6 days it's a little early to be fertilizing, IMHO. Wait until about 3 weeks.

    DierWolf and Up4Anything swear by a 65 true watt cfl security light (300w equivalent), and while I haven't seen those used for growing myself I would take those recco's to the bank. I have seen them in use in general and they are bright as hell, and can be had quite cheap. You can get it at Home Depot.

    Good luck and welcome to GC!

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