give me the low down on alcohol

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  1. how much are 40s? i heard like $2.50 for a Hurricane, but i barely drink so i have no idea wtf that is. if drink 1, how drunk will i get? (skinny, around 120lbs). any specific brand i should be looking for? they differ in alc. content, rite?

    do they sell them at liquor stores? been to 1 once but i was only looking for a bottle of skyy so idk.

    im not lookin to get trashed, just have a real nice buzz goin on. plus ill be smokin so
  2. damn, thats alot of questions, how are you?
  3. wow what? i know absolutely nothing about alcohol, so either help me or stfu

    i dont like to drink much, my mom died cause of drinking which is prolly why i barely drink.
  4. 40s i buy are maxx ice. $5.25 for one, think its 7.3% can't remeber. Yea they come in differnt %s one i had when i went to vist my brother where 11% i think. about 2 - 3 should do you.
  5. buy some skoal its like 8$ for a bottle and u will get drunk off not even half of it
  6. how old am i?

    just turned 18, ha

    its like with weed, i know everything. but alcohol, basically i just know that after takin about 7 or 8 shots of hard alc i was smashed. but with beer its different which is why im askin you fellas
  7. lol ok my bad dude i'm real fucked up, i been drinkin sparks and i smoked 3 blunts of some good mids and ate a few muscle relaxers. but you should buy sparks they are an energy beer and they taste like monster and redbull kinda and its 6% or 7% depending on your state, and if you only weigh 120 then 3 of them in an hour will get you fucked up
  8. I get Mickey's 40s occasionally for like $1.99 a piece. If I drink 2 I'll have a decent buzz, a perfect amount to pregame with before leaving for the bars or to house parties or whatever and it's only $4. If you never drink you'll probably be buzzed off of one 40 though.
  9. get yourself a private stock if you can....i LOVE private stock....theyre not gonna be more then 5 bucks and dont get a hurri.....theyre the WORST kind of forty
  10. 3 Beers your feeling good
    5 Beers your buzzed.
    10 beers your drunk
    10+ shitfaced
  11. Are you scared the alcohol dealer is going to try to weasel you out of money?
  12. idk man i dont like beer personally, it fills me up and has me feelin like shit before i even get a head change(7-8 beers). I love liqour, cheap vodka to be specific $10 will get you a half gallon and most likly get you and a friend feelin nicely.
  13. you know everything about weed? :rolleyes:
  14. I know everything about weed. Tell me what you know and we'll see if your right.
  15. Can I grow weed in outer space?
  16. No, your canadian so your space agency is sub-par at best

    next question plz
  17. Could Jesus brew a bong hit so milky that he himself could not take it?
  18. Of course not. Not with the RooR his dad bought him for christmas.

    On a more serious note, Jesus is not the Messiah. He works at the BK down near my buddy mikes house.

  19. He also rolls the tightest burritos I have ever eaten.

    "Just like rolling a fat-ass philly" - Jesus

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