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Give me some reassurance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by S0BE, May 12, 2010.

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    Well my friend just got bronchitis. He doesnt smoke cigs, and barely drink (if that matters), but i always smoke buds with him. Like 4-5 out days out of the week, plus he does it more than that.

    Him gettin bronchitis, made me think about how that could happen to me. I know its not that bad of a sickness, but still its one that people who smoke get more.

    Give me some good reasons about why i shouldnt worry too much.

    He did have a little cold like last week. He smoked when he was a little sick with that. Do you think thats what caused it? Ive heard that smoking buds when your sick makes you stay sick longer, and if hes sick, he would have been prone to gettin bronchitis between smoking and already being sick.

    Edit: My theory is that if your already sick with a cold for example and you smoke weed, its going to increase the chances of getting someting else. i THink thats what happened here with my friend.
  2. I smoke 4 times a day and I haven't gotten sick in at least a year, knock on wood.
  3. The only way i could see this happening is if you hold in the hit too long. It can fuck with your sinuses (sp?)
  4. Stick to weed only and you will be fine.
  5. Bronchitis is the inflamation of the broncials in your lungs. Those who have bronchitis cannot directly spread it to others. What I mean by this is they can give you a cold that then later develops into bronchitis, but they cant just suddenly give you bronchitis. If you have a cold or respiratory infection and dont take care of it it can become bronchitis or pnemonia. So the worst he could give you is a cold, and if you were to neglect it then you might get bronchitis. But, if your immune system is strong and you take vitamin C you should be fine. There is no certainty that you even caught his germs
  6. No, no , no. Im not scared that i got it, cause im not sick (knock on wood). I just dont wanna get sick from smoking. Check this post edited. LIke you said, if a cold isnt taken care of it can develop into other stuff. Smoking when your sick makes that cold last longer so i could be right. :hello:
  7. I have a cold now and I haven't stopped smoking and I feel fine.
    NASTY ASS cough though, like beyond gnarly. It's awesome though cuz every time I cough up some phlegm it's different colour, always a surprise :p
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    Oh sorry, smoking when your sick definatly increases your chances of worseing it. But, personally i had a cold, and still smoked cigs and weed and it just took me a week longer to get over it than I normally would have. So, i suppose it depends on the person. I also took like massive amounts of Vitamin C, and drank massive amounts of water.


    Its really a matter of immune system. There are clinical studies that suggest inhalation of any kind of smoke weakens your immune system. Mainly from the by products that come from burning plants, CO, Tar, and a variety of other chemicals. However, its kind of a push - shove relationship, your immune system pushes and smoking shoves it, which ever pushes or shoves harder wins. Shove too hard and you get sick.

    EDIT2: If your already sick its like your sickness and smoking are shoving. So, your immune system is less likely to win, thus you develop something worse
  9. Thank you. exactly what i wanted to hear. Ill just cut back when im sick. Or just not go places or around people when im smoking sick.

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