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Give me some inspiration!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtlePS, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I've been compltely sober for about 2 weeks due to lack of money. I won't have money for 2 more days, and then I'm getting an 1/8 and 2 hits of acid. But until then...... give me some inspirational crap to get through 2 more days of torture!!! Thanks all! :mad:
  2. I tried beatin off to cover my old smoketime. ive been visiting family out of state for a whole month an half. Im finally going home too night CANT WAIT
  3. ^ Why the fuck is HamHawks posting random useless pictures on every new thread?

    And, if your already 2 weeks sober your gonna do fine ha. If your out of money it's not like you can break your sobriety too easy. On the other hand, I still got 11 more days of my T-Break.

  4. That just takes all the fun out of being a hippie, don't ya thinK?

  5. And I actually enjoyed the dog picture lol
  6. Drugs arent the only aspect of being a hippie. Really its a small part of it if at all
  7. don't visit lucy by your self.. it satisfies her more if you do her :)ey:) with a friend.

  8. I know. But it makes it more fun.
  9. Yo, you can do it man. I'm on day 16 out of 28. All I need to do is make it through today, tomorrow and on Friday morning I leave for 10 days. When I return it will mark my 28 days of not smoking. That following day I will of gone 4 weeks without a smoke and will have 0 tolerance. Also, the first 3-5 days are a little difficult, anything after that you wish you could be high, but you don't have the urge as the first few days.

    I suggest you go another 2 weeks. Seems like you need it :(

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