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Give me facts.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mashcat, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. I suffer from depression and smoke most of the day, every day.Can some-one tell me if I am doing more damage to myself or not?Not that it would change any-thing I just wanted to know once and for all.
    My head has too much false information total confusion.,.,.,.,.,., I feel like a dog chasing it's tail...
  2. Stop. For one every last bit of weed you get...if you feel like shit every day the entire month and get horrible weed cravings, you may need to see a doctor. However, keep in mind that even a small break will let you see how you do without it. Give yourself a day with and a day without if you cant go without for a week or a month...then again, if you are smoking a lot every day, you are depleting your bodys dopamine levels and that may cause depression.
    Work out. Lift weights. Do kickboxing, go to work, do something, then at the end of the day, come home and smoke. I guarantee it will be a better high, and you will most definitely feel better about yourself.
  3. I don't think I can go for more than 8 hours without a smoke.Even though it may be causing my depression it also takes it away.I will just keep smoking til it don't make me happy then I will take a break.
  4. I do the same thing for anxiety and depression. I don't know
    if I'm doing more damage or not. I don't really care much.
    Pot helps me, and the more I read about it, and find out
    about it, the more I love it. I just wish it wasn't so damn
    expensive. Can't wait to grow.
  5. i searched some for yo but all icame up with was smoking causes depression or, depessed peplesmoke.(everything was flimflammy on which casues which) and somthing on the rate was higher with girls.
  6. Thanks.It probably is causing my depression and I will probably notice more when I give it up.I don't think that will be for a while.
  7. Cut back. Smoke once at night a few hours before you go to bed. You'll learn to appreciate the bud more this way, make it a reward you give yourself at the end oof the day. Find some more stuff to occupy your time like a job or school if you're not into that stuff now. gluck.
  8. I would like to cut down but I rely on it to make me happy and it does.When I am stoned I can have an I don't care attitude when I think about past crap.Thanks for advice.

  9. All I can tell you is "it's in your head." You are the master of your own mind. Marijuana cannot cure your depression, only keep it inside which is much like 'bottling it up.' - which we all know can be disasterous.
  10. I'm sorry but I don't believe that at all.I can't stop certain thoughts entering my head but at least weed numbs me to it.I am grateful for the input though thank you very much.
  11. Also, are you seeing a therapist or psychiatrist? If not, you
    need to look into it. They will help your depression and
    anxiety as well as, if not better than marijuana.

    They have dealt with a wide range of problems in their
    careers, and will most likely know how to help you, both
    short term and long term.
  12. I have been to a counsellor,therapist,psychiatrist but noone seems to help me get rid of the pain so I say fuck it.Whats meant to be will be.I'm glad I came across this site as it's got chilled people and some funny threads but people are so helpful.

    I don't want you to think that I am a total depressive the only problem that effects me is going out on my own or meeting strangers and been left alone in a room with a man I don't know.Thanks for your reply.
  13. i do agree with thcchrystals that you are the master of your own mind. there are ways to divert events, lesson the pain.
    there are.
  14. I blocked out my depression on my own, bud is my choice to get fucked up with. Only problem is, bud is also the only thing that releases the locks I put on myself to block all the bad shit out. I use it as a key to open my mind, not as a lock to close myself off with. The effects are; I enjoy things more, I actually laugh and smile sometimes! But the problem is, it can leave me feeling too vulnerable about everything and start to make me worry when the paranoia kicks in, thus causing anxiety. I have made it a key note NOT to smoke all of the time, because if I use it to cloud my mind it has some nasty repercussions once I go dry.
  15. I have a good supportive partner and feel bad that I need pot more than him but I have just been a bit damaged by my experiences.I did have bouts of depression before smoking and either the pot or more bad times have made it worse but at least pot numbs the upset.
  16. I don't do other drugs and drink alcohol very rarely.I do drink decaf,eat healthily and don't have any hereditary illnesses in my family so I have to do something or I could be here forever.
  17. Well, if you're worried about the smoke in your lungs, just use a vaporizer or buy superweed that you only have to take 1 to 3 hits of to get high. Either way cuts down on the amount of smoke getting in your lungs. Of course, cannabis has very strange effects that are not fully understood; effects on the different brainwave frequencies. Every different psychoactive component of cannabis has a different effect on each one of these brainwaves, and each chemical appears in differing quantities and qualities in any bud you smoke.

    Also, Zyprexa, the drug mentioned on CNN; if people made you take that, I believe you can sue them, or the company that manufactured it. The drug was found to be dangerous and even deadly.
  18. What's this about Zyprexa? I searched CNN's website briefly,
    but couldn't find anything after 2001 about Zyprexa.
    I take it daily for depression and it works wonders for me.
  19. We hand out Zyprexa at my ward quite a lot. But the drug doesn't work quite as well on everyone. You gotta get it adjusted for yer own need.'s true, what they say: MJ can be the cure and the cause of depression. There are many different types of depression. Since you had this condition before you started tokin up seriously, I hardly think MJ can be the cause. So quitting MJ will probably not affect yer depressions.
    I recommend seeing a psychiatrist, ask for some help. If they're serious, they'll give you some antidepressives, observe you for a while to monitor the effects.

    Then you should go a little further back in yer life and see what could be the cause for the depression. Some depressions are biological, some are based on former experiences. You mentioned being damaged by that something you can learn to deal with? Maybe a psyciatrist can help you with that too. But usually they fight the symptoms first and forget to do something with the cause. Do ask for both to be taken into consideration....

    and go play with yer kittens and cats...they can be worth more than the best antidepressives...
  20. I have been referred to a psychiatrist but the psychiatrist doesn't think i'm unwell enough even though I find it hard to go out and don't like being left alone for more than 1 hour.I can't seem to forget what people did to me it is too much sometimes.I will just keep popping those pills and smoke myself numb.

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