Give me a prompt/idea and I'll write you a short story

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  1. Much love, fellow blades.

    After banging out a 140k fantasy novel in just under two months, the thought of knuckling down on the next book makes me want to gargle malt whiskey and Drano. I need a blast of no-edits, no-pressure, no-worries short fiction to cleanse my writing palate, yo.

    Anyways, I thought it might be fun to get prompts from the Grasscity crowd, bust out a few stories, get some feedback. Leave an opening line, a thought, situation, character or two, maybe even just a song or photo that speaks to you. If I like it, you'll get your own personalized short story. Why the fuck not, right?
  2. I really wish I had a plot on hand right now but I don't
    Let me smoke up a little and get back to you on this.

    Mind sharing a little bit about your first novel?
    I love fantasy stories.
  3. Write me up something about a man and his best friend who happens to be a bear.
  4. [quote name='"JamestheFreak"']Write me up something about a man and his best friend who happens to be a bear.[/quote]

    You should read Gentle Ben. :)
  5. Any specific genre, style, or plotline?

    Slash anyone else got a spark they want to see KINDLED INTO AN APOCALYPTIC FIRESTORM OF CREATIVITY?!?!

  6. Write a suspense about a guy who wakes up inside a coffin with a few things (cell phone, pocket knife, maybe some pills or something, idk) that'd be kinda dope.
  7. A Liam Neeson-esque character is a spiritual guru/warrior who leads an army of pheasants to usurp the throne from a charismatic but apathetic dictator.

  8. There's actually a movie just like that called Buried. Its kinda boring though cause the whole movie is just the guy in the coffin.

    He dies in the end lol.
  9. I got an idea about a movie, showing like a game with a person expiriencing a normal day.
    Next to him it should be a stat thing which at the top it should be happiness and the bottom depression. Each time he meets someone who spreads negativity(like shooting a crude look, pushes before in the que etc) the meter goes down from hapiness towards depression. Then show how each human beeing can change the perspective of our race as one :)

    Sorry if it was unclear :)
  10. It's very clear.

    A 'happiness meter'.

    It could be digital, or it could be analogue. Both will work.

    Or it could even be by color.

    Hm... or it could be by sound... or a song... like the background music. When there's much positivity, the song is cheerful and nice. But when there's much negativity, the song becomes more sinister.
  11. somebody goes through their daily day and then theres a fucking crazy twist at the end that makes the reader wanna read the whole thing again now that they know evrythng about that day know what i mean? damn those ones are awesome
  12. Short flash fiction eh? Hmmm

    I'd go for a story with multiple perspectives on the same event, or at least around the same time of an event. Nothing big, no 9/11 shit or anything like that. Maybe a robbery, or something stranger. The ends up to you, thats where your palette will have to lend hand :cool:
  13. Oh shit, this thread. I completely forgot about this thread. Well, it's game time.

    You're up first, broseph. Prepare thyself.

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