give me a hand plz

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  1. Just be yourself man. Don't try to impress her, cause she's using you anyways.
  2. ty for all the replays if i remember ill tell everyone how it gos im not gonna get back on till next tuesday so bit of a wait

  3. Zyzz<3 haha

  4. This can be to ur advantage. If u make her feel special with ur company.....BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE
  5. you got this man, play it cool and you could have a nice hot stoner girl to smoke with.
  6. Subbing. I wanna know how it goes for op.
    Deliver pl0x
  7. i smoked her out but she had to leave after so b4 i left her sis told me to go to her room and me and her smoked then we were pretty stoned cuz i had a o on me we smoked almost all of that and then pretty much i got laid and she said no string attached so imma smoke out her sis more lol <:} did not go the way i thought it was gonna go lol but still ended good

  8. Wait you smoked most of an Ounce then she fucked you and said 'No strings attached"?
  9. yep good ass night
  10. You sir just paid for pussy with weed. Lolologram.
  11. she said she want to have sex every so often so i was like shit ok with no relationship
  12. Bro do you realize you just smoked MOST of an O? Then had sex? You basically paid X amount of cash in weed for sex. Congratulations on fucking the hottest girl in your school though, If i had enough weed to just throw around O's id probably be banging some weed whores too.

    (Not saying she was a whore)
  13. an O damn man..
  14. Good for you man I'm glad everything worked out
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    its cool i got it for free from my cousin was supposed to make it last though but he just gave me another hes got shit tons and pretty much just gives it out to the family so this how the convo happened he asked me if i still had the o i was like nope and he got to tell em what i did with it and hes like here this is Ur reward present and he hands me a o and a half im like u want me to pay u for it and he says no just take it i said ty and me and him smoke about 6 bowl and then his friend showed up and left and now i have a shit load weed again i think he said its dro >:} i love my cousin
    im really high so im useing the word fixer and im re reading every thing i write so i dont fuck up
  16. Hahahah this thread is amazing, congratz on banging her and in the famous words of lonely island, "doesnt matter had sex"
  17. I want to see a pic of the sister
  18. It all sounds a little off to me, it's not like she took the weed so she didn't really do it for money, maybe for a free smoke but dam I don't know how either of you were functioning after smoking 14gs each let alone having sex. Good for you I guess next time just bring a cpl grams or an eighth if this isn't bs.

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