give me a hand plz

Discussion in 'General' started by bongripftw, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. imma smoke this chick out and ive never smoked with her just the two of us im like imma say something stupid as fuck if i get blitzed:eek: i dont want her to think im weird any one got some helpful advice so i wont weird her out
  2. She's using you for a free smoke out it doesn't matter how you act.
  3. Be yourself, don't be inclined to impress her, make fun of yourself and never make fun of her, most of all pretend your hanging out with an ugly chick or one of your home girls makes it easier to talk to.
  4. Oh and pics.
  5. If youre really scared then say to her, oh man when im high i say some stupid shit so dont be offended/take it personally

  6. Then you just come off as a noob who can't even handle his herb...

    Girls really don't take much to get high.. usually.. just share one bowl with her, let her get high and let yourself get a headbuzz, all should be good.
  7. [quote name='"dishin reg"']

    Then you just come off as a noob who can't even handle his herb...[/quote]

    True....i dont say stupid shit when im high but its probably cause i dont talk when im baked, so just sit back and relax and talk
    About normal stuff youll be fine just think before you speak its just like when you had to hide being high from your parents ( that is if you did have to)

  8. I used to talk too much when high. I have a tolerance now, and just zone out and think real philosophically:smoke:

    OP, are you trying to get with her?
  9. my thing is i cant talk when im high like i lose the ability to talk once im just buzzed i can talk
  10. ^are you trying to put your penis inside her?
  11. no just chill with her and maybe one day
  12. Trying to make a good first impression. I see..

    Well, dont over think it OP, just be yourself(sounds cheesy) but that's all it takes, once a conversation starts you'll be talking for days I'm sure.
  13. Pull out your jimmy.
  14. [quote name='"VaporDreams"']Pull out your jimmy.[/quote]


    Just whip it out and be like

    Yaaaaa you like that?
  15. im kinda a loner so she was surprised when i asked her to smoke with me
  16. if shes high you cant go wrong with anything you say lol just dont try to not act weird then youll just look akward lol
  17. Don't worry about it man.
    If she ever says "Im feeling kinda horny" then jump on that shit.
  18. fuck ya i would shes the hottest chick in my entire school

  19. Are you ugly dude?
    Cuz if you are... then we all know why shes smoking with you. Might as well get something back right?

    But if your a reincarnation of zyzz (look him up) then she'd still bang you. So either way bring a condom.;)
  20. Yeah i would like to hear how this goes

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