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  1. Hey There.. If You Have A Twitter , And Want An Awesome New Follower.. Go Follow @Lifted_Wisdom . . I ALWAYS Follow Back , So Go Give Me A Follow Real Quick. I'd I'll Even Follow What Seems To Be A "Spam Account", If It's Related To Something That Interests Me Of Course. I'd Really Like To Connect With Some Of You Fellow Stoners On Twitter, So don't Sleep On Me. I'm A Dope Follower To Have & An Awesome Person To Connect With.
  2. No thanks.
  3. Lol @ following and being followed.
  4. Damn, you got dat beastie boys look going on. Ill follow you. ;)
  5. If you have a twitter, you're not worth anyones time.
    You're LAME.
    Gtfo grasscity bro... and go update your twitter and facebook and instagram and myspace and whatever

  6. Lmao.. K, Brah. No Need For The Hatred.. I'm Sorry For Having A Social Network, I Never Meant To Offend You. Damn, What A Nazi. You Sure You're A Stoner Man? I Embrace Peace & Prosperity. :hippie: & I Didn't Post This For Some Random Hater To Judge Me. Just To Connect With Some Fellow Stoners. Again, Sorry Bro.
  7. I would, but I go on my Twitter so rarely that I'll probably forget about you before I'm on it next.

  8. Thanks Bro, I Hear You. I Don't Know Why People Are Trippin, It's Not Like I'm On There All My Life. lmao. & I Don't Even Have A Facebook. It's Kind Of Stupid To Own An iPhone If You Wouldn't Make A Twitter/Instagram So That's Why I Had Made Them. lol. It's Cool Though. :) It's 2:05AM & I'ma Play Some Led Zeppelin & Take Some Iced Bong Rips. :) :bongin:
  9. Tuffluv Brah, K? Kay :) *insert smiley* *insert wise crack*
    Did I claim the subjective term of stoner? Nah, man. I'm icy fucking chill though, but Twitter is some stupid ass shit and that's not simply a subjective opinion. I can pull facts out my ass that reek of integrity but... nah.
    It's cool though. Just type normal and stop the follow me on Twitter bullshit and you'll be aight here bruv

  10. But if I remember, I will. haha

  11. I Think I'll Be Aii Here Without Living Up To Your Standards. But Thanks Anyways.

  12. Lol , No Doubt. Thanks Bro.

  13. Hey- I'm the girl that just followed you. @am_cooks, follow back :)
  14. Why do you capitalize all your words? Strictly curious here, just seems like it takes more work to capitalize every word. I'd lose my train of thought trying to remember to hit the shift key every word

  15. Awe, Thanks. :) I Followed You.
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    Honestly, I hate that I still do that. I actually have to TRY to NOT do it. It's because in Junior High Me & My group of friends use to send all our text messeges in this format.

    - This Is Just An Example. lol

    Yes, with the little dash before it, That wasn't a typo. I don't know why we started it, but we did. But yeah, so basically it's just an old habit.. & You'd be suprised, I type so fast that I just do It mindlessly. Idk, I can stop if I really want to, & I assure you that I'm not illiterate or anything, I'm just use to doing it, That's all.
  17. If I had Twitter I would lol

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