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Discussion in 'General' started by SingerK, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. I have a first date tomorrow! Whee! I'm excited. I even cleaned my lil spoon in honor of the occasion. She look sas good as she did when i bought her!

    Damn am I high.

    This is Dori:

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  2. congratulations!
  3. aah first dates.....the only thng that ruins'em is second dates...:D
    have a good time
    an purty lil spoon
  4. hope this bastard dont stand u up like the last one did :D

    lol sorry I'm an ass i know :D

  5. well, i dont think so.
  6. ah krapp i didnt mean it soo literal.

    there really is nothing like a first date.....ya know special,.......butterflies, excitement, just special..
  7. awww right on!! good luck!! hope it goes well singerk!!

  8. Keep us updated... and nice spoon!
  9. Thanks all for the good vibes.

    ...except for Schrananapuss...

    I hate you.

  10. Nah it isn't until tonight.

    'n I know he isn't mean, just a crapperbutt ;)

  11. lol, i know what u mean, thats the same with first time anything. second times always good, just not as good.
  12. so check in and tell us if it went well
  13. So yeah...first date went really well. I learned how to play pool. We're gonna hang around here tonight and bake.
  14. Nice job, did you get up his shirt?

    into his pants?

    get him loaded, that should help/

  15. lol
    no, not yet...we'll get there, though ;)
  16. hey, if you need any tips just pm me.
  17. Hey thanks. I'm packin roofies for next time.
  18. Nah, but i like to be prepared.

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