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  1. Hey guys anyone wanna give me girl advice? So theres this chick that i like, she lives really close to me me, bout a block away. I see her a lot i have a class with her and see her on the bus or when we drive to school. I have a feeling she likes me, but i also have a feeling she kinda likes my friend whos a much better talker than me. I try but whenever we have conversations i can never think of anything to say. That and she knows i smoke and shes kinda against that, but i have a mad crush on her :p.
  2. Don't mention smoking around her, and don't tell her you're high. Don't lie about it, but when they're sort of against it, it's best to act like it's not a big deal to you. Just talk to her alone without your "smooth-talking homie". Ask her if she wants to chill or go outsome time, and have a fun sober night with a hot girl.

    All of my friends are better talkers and better looking than me, but that doesn't stop me from getting girls. It's all about being nice and having a good and funny personality.
  3. Just fuck her, man.
  4. said like a true champ
  5. Well, okay then...
  6. if it were just that easy................ :smoking::(
  7. yea idk she wants me to quit... but i dun think shed say that if she didnt like me but yea most of the time i just have a hard time talking to her its always just slightly awkward and one time we were talking and i followed up the conversation with a text later that day and was like so if ur gettin asked out and gettin asked for ur number all the time y dont u have a boyfriend right now, and she never textd back :confused:
  8. That's nice.
  9. Be an asshole. Seriously, i've fucked HOTT girls being a complete dick. You always want what you can't have. I'm not trying to brag, but nice guys finish last man. Unless you're trying to get married, be an asshole. Don't go overboard, but the guy that's going to sleep with the girl is the one denying her. Not the one(s) all up in her grill.
  10. Hate to agree but this is true (most cases) Just start hanging out with here outside of school and see what happens...
  11. qfmft
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    Its all about the beer bro ajajaj
    or if u want more girls u gotta hit the liquor harder
    the amount of girls is directly proportional to the strength of the liquor
    ajaj im just playin bro just be yourself
  13. ^^^hahahahahaha this fuggin guy. that picture is really funny though
  14. Get to know her friends really well, they are the ones who are going to give you what you need to know broski. They are going to know lots of stuff about this girl
  15. +rep for some fine-ass chile females

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