girls with dreads

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  1. any other guys around hoplessly attracted to dreadlocks on girls or am i the only one in the world?

    i dont even know why. its just hot. ;)
  2. depends...kinda like guys...sme can pull it off...others just cant...i miss mine tho:(
  3. I am hopelessly unattracted.
  4. i love them if the chick can pull them off :hello:
    i would love to have dreads but the job wont allow. can you believe that one.
    said it wouldnt be "appropriate" for court :mad:
  5. You're the only one.

    I expect a chick to spend some time grooming herself so she looks good, not like a wookie.
  6. agreed
  7. I like dreads.... on some. I want some for myself but my gf would look ridiculous with them.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. no one thinks that girl is fucking hot?
  10. not really, sorry
  11. she looks like a cartoon character im not into dreads on girls nevermind tri-colored bright ass colored dreads on girls
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    She looks like she just got shat out the ass end of a rainbow. It certainly ain't a pot of gold ye found there...

    Some girls can pull off dreads.

    ...I don't think anyone can really pull off that much color and makeup though. :p

    I mean, not to say she's ugly or anything. I think she's just too unnatural for me. Covers up all the pretty with distraction.
  13. she could give rainbow brite a run for her money.
  14. she is a bit over the top lol
  15. [​IMG]

    I rest my case.
  16. if they can pull it off then hell yeah.
  17. lol.... that is fucking hilarious.....cause its true.......

  18. i would do her,,,,,

    but id prefer this honey in dreads..

  19. Damn; nice, peace:smoke:
  20. LOL any excuse to post a hot girl aye chicken:ey:

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