Girls, why women aren't sexually attracted to the male body?

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  1. Keep hearing from early childhood that girls are not visual, they don't experience sexual attraction visually. They experience sexual attraction after spending time with a guy, if they have the right chemistry with then they can experience sexual attraction to that specific guy. But this sexual attraction is caused by "chemistry, mental connection" not his body itself. Women aren't actually sexually attracted to anything intrinsically male.

    Most popular and most common thing that I often hear from girls,
    I literally never feel any sort of sexual attraction towards a guy based solely on looks. I don't check out random strangers or anything like that. I only feel attraction towards guys I have the right chemistry with. I can look at a guy and acknowledge that he is conventionally attractive, but I don't feel attracted.

    From my childhood I am looking for a answer,

    1. if a guy with asymmetry face, chicken leg, chicken hand, shorter guy, weak jawline ask you out and after knowing him if you find right chemistry then you will find him sexiest person in the world and only he will sexually attract you?

    Broad shoulders, symmetry face, abs, back muscles, veiny forearms, well-defined calf muscles is just nice as like nice painting and will not attract you if you already don't know the guy well or the guy is not your familiar and if stated conditions (1) aren't met?

    Friend circle, colleague, neighbor except this league all people are stranger to us, so women's sexual attraction is limited to this specific league? Until they meet the stated conditions (get to know and find right chemistry) girls are basically asexual? If they never find right chemistry then they will never experience sexual attraction because physical appearance is not something that attract them, it's just an object as like mobile is an object?

    If women aren't visual then in which way women are different than demisexual?

    They say, women's sexual attraction will happen after finishing/fulfilling the prerequisite (get to know, social interaction, get to know personality).

    Before fulfilling these prerequisite their brain don’t register unknown guys the way straight men's brain don’t register guys. If somehow miraculously the guy become familiar with them then there is a chance girls can feel sexual attraction but it’s totally unpredictable.

    So, for heterosexual women at the first place seeing/looking at men is like looking at their own brother, sister (totally platonic sense).

    At the first place, is there any difference when straight guys look at another guys vs asexual look at another guys and straight women look at another guys????

    So, you can easily choose not to feel sexual attraction in your entire life. If get to know doesn’t happen sexual attraction will not happen. Before get to know someone there no sexual attraction so, you have to consciously make a move in order to get to know someone because there is no Instinctive sexual attraction at the first place.

    If sexual attraction doesn’t exist at the first place it means you are initially uninterested in men in the same way straight men's are uninterested in men. That’s why they don’t have desire to get to know, they wouldn’t feel interested to carry out a conversation if there is no sexual attraction. Then how would this get to know happen???

    Another question, if sexual attraction happens after the prerequisite (get to know, social interaction, get to know personality) then at the first place (before getting to know) women generally don’t any instinctive sexual attraction in men, it means no sexual orientation at the first place. So, if the prerequisite (get to know, social interaction, get to know personality) doesn’t happen then women are totally unsure about their sexuality, sexual attraction?????

    In this initial stage what's the difference between straight guy vs women vs asexual???? All of them don’t have sexual attraction in men. From the first glance to before getting to know this time sexual attraction, sexual orientation doesn’t exist then how do they feel they aren’t asexual???? Or how do they know they have sexual attraction in men not the only person they personally know???

    TLDR; If someone has small social circle then they have limited friends and they have limited emotional connection to people. What about instinctive sexual attraction. Is it limited to how many people you have relationship with???
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  2. It differs greatly from person to person. It really isn't about one specific thing.
  3. Let me take you ballroom dancing
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  4. Put a tiger in your tank.
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  5. Just cuz a man wants to squirt in a bitch doesnt mean he is "attracted" to her.
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  6. That's funny , girls ain't attracted to looks but after hanging out with a guy they get attracted to him .
    Guys are attracted to a girl by looks but after hanging out with that girl the attraction wanes .
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  7. why would anyone get attracted to male body. we are hideous.
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  8. As the old joke (but true) goes, women 'F**k who they want, men F**k who they can. I do remember a psychology study I did in college. It had to do with WHY we men in particular, have a certain 'type'. Redheads, big boobs, some booty, long legs, blondes... A lot of it has to do with the first person we fooled around with, not necessarily had sex with, but had our first real sexual experimentation with. It's not ALWAYS true, but it has a lot of of truth in it statistically. I'll admit my 'type' is usually a pale redhead... :)
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  9. Each sex likes to decry the other’s ease in life.

    Guys are mad that girls control the pussy. Girls are mad that guys play around and are unfaithful.

    The truth is these are merely gender stereotypes and both sex’s are motivated by the same hierarchy of needs. But it’s easier to mystify and objectify one sex over the other for us as individuals because we are perpetually stuck as either one sex or the other.

    Another truth is that relationships are hard and it’s easier than most think to fuck up a good thing. As with everything in life being bold and not letting the fear of failure stop you from trying dictates those who are successful from those who are not.
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  10. any or all of these describe my type. the list could keep going. If a guy has one specific picky type, he gay.
  11. And if a woman has one specific type of guy, he wealthy.
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  12. Facts.
  13. Why?
  14. Because its not realistic. You tryinna tell me its typical hetero behavior to only be attracted to women with a certain color hair? Specific size tits? Come on now. Forever single because you cant find "just the right girl" while you and Greg play bury the bone in the mud in secret.
  15. where did I ever mention anything about 'only' being attracted to women of a certain type or hair color? And where did you come up with the gay comment? Latency on your part perhaps? My point is, if 4 women are sitting at a table and one has red hair, I'm going to be attracted to her or at least notice her first. She could still be a bitch and I wouldn't date her at all, but I'll for sure notice her first.
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  16. I wasnt talking about you in specific. There are guys out there who "if she doesnt have red hair, big butt, small tits, and be exactly five foot two," they not interested. Thems the ones I'm talking about. Personally, I dont have any specific features i look for. Variety is the spice of life. Any reasonably healthy woman that isnt an outward cunt is attractive to me. They are all covered in dye and makeup anyway.
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  17. someone mention pale redhead with large radiator and green headlights, looks Irish but is Swedish,
    a rare find for me, and am very happy, .. downside is she's possessive and aggressive as hell
  18. My last gf was a VERY short and a bit chubby redhead... Amazing sex. My current gf has brown hair...
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  19. Guys, I swear, smh. You don't want to go out with a girl that has a set of rules on what her dream guy/ boy toy should look like. Those girls/women are shallow to start out with. And the only thing they are concerned about is money, social status. Why do you think a woman as beautiful as Anna Nicole Smith would marry a billionaire that is 70 years older than her and probably can't get it up anymore? Not for his "good" looks or he's dynamite in the sack. Money, plain and simple. I went out with really good looking guys and really plain looking guys. The good looking guys almost always are jerks. And the guys that are so-so were gentlemen. My first love had red hair, and a bad case of acne. He was a good boy helping this parents run a huge farm, and he ripped my heart out. He knew it, and came over everyday for a week to make sure I was ok. Those are the guys we are looking for. Dates don't have to be expensive. Watching the sunset or a meteor shower is just as good as dinner and a movie. And the little things are what makes a big impression. Iman was touched when her future husband, David Bowie, bent down to tie her shoe for her when the laces became untied on their first date. A friend of mine told me how when her and her boyfriend were driving down an interstate and she commented on the pretty flowers growing next to the highway. He pulls over, gets out of the car, and picks her a bouquet! I was green with envy. That was the same as him giving her a two carat diamond ring in my book. And what you say can make or break a deal. A writer for Playgirl magazine once talked about "pick up" lines. She said that she was at a bar and a man came up to her and told her that, "A woman without freckles, is like a night without stars." Yes, she had red hair and freckles. He didn't get her number but she never forgot that line. So, guys watch the movie Roxanne with Steve Martin. And, one last thing. From my experience with men, usually a boy never forgets his first "nut job" whether he was in the act or saw something so beautiful/sexy that he just couldn't control himself. So with them, that's the "fantasy girl" they are all looking for. For what, I don't know.
  20. I literally used to have women ask how much money I made or had in my bank account minutes into a date. Those I just laughed, turned the car around and took them home.
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