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  1. What up fellas/ladies.
    I'll try and keep the details of my post short... Been seeing this girl the past 3 months. Slept together about 7-8 times; been on 3-4 dates. Relationship has been rather casual up until the past week-week and a half. First "real" date was last week. Normally responds excitedly to text messages, but since I asked her out for Valentine's Day this past Saturday, she's been distant in her texts (if that even makes sense). The last time I asked her to chill, she didn't respond, and today, she sent basically sent a deflection text, and didn't respond to my reply. I know she's not a player, and I know she likes me, but for some reason, it's made me anxious that she hasn't responded that often.
    May I add, I started feeling more towards this girl in the past two weeks, so I've considered multiple times that I'm over-analyzing (which I most likely am).
    But, down to the point... What do you feel when your "crush" doesn't respond promptly, reply how you expect, or even reply at all?

  2. tell that hoe that you are a grown ass man, and that if she is not ready for a real man then she can pack her stuff
  3. Is she in school? Does she have a hectic life where something come have come up and she is distracted? You should call her and see what her tone if voice is like and see if she is short with you on the phone too.Unless she is delusional I don't see why she'd randomly stop liking you. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. that girl sounds like me. honestly when i get a text, i'll answer it then throw my phone and continue doing what i was doing. not every female with a smartphone is on that shit 24/7. if you want a conversation, why not just call? 
  5. what suplove said. i'll answer your text put my phone down and do something else, might be a while before i remember to pick it up again. or to be honest sometimes when people text me i'll read em but don't respond simply because i don't feel like talking at the moment, nothing against you at all.

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  6. She doesn't want commitment and by asking for a valentines dinner or date that's for people in a serious relationship, if shes the free spirit type of girl then don't waste your time bro. Been there done that.
  7. It all depends on the behavior she has displayed when texting prior to this.  I wouldn't expect a text back within 30 seconds, people got shit to do.  But, if you send casual texts that do go unanswered that isn't exactly a great sign.  In my opinion I would suggest you do two things.  
    First, don't call her or text her.  She wants space and you may be coming in too hot.  Give her space.  Text her in 3 days, and make it casual.  
    Second, even though you like this one a lot, it would be good for you to try to find another girl to hang out with.  This does a few things.  It takes your mind off of her, it puts you in a place where you aren't displaying neediness (through texting too much when not receiving anything back) and it shows that you have high regard for yourself by not moping around.  Act like you've been here before, don't mope.  Move on.  If you do this, your chances of getting this girl back are going to be far better than if you take the direct approach of texting her nonstop, asking if something is wrong, blah blah desperation blah. 
    Good luck.
  8. Texting has complicated things enough. Fuck.
  9. Discussing relationship bullshit through text is petty IMO, you wanna say "Hi" thats all good ask me out on a fuckin date or something like this maybe you should at the bear minimum show that little initiative and make the call or in person.
  10. Play hard to get don't be so easy don't smother her so much with compliment either she might be getting annoyed if u r bomb her it might turn her on u are being harder to get works for me most the time but then again u know her better then me
  11. It all depends on the girl, but it seems like she's dodging you. Call her or set up a lunch date or something man.

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  12. This all the way.. But, in the past I do like to have prompt responses haha. It kills any kind of interaction when texting or emailng, and there is a large gap of time from message to message spontaneously. 
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    Man getting the truth straight from the textbook by the author on that note.
    Thats what I would do. Not all girls are into texting(believe it or not) and calling can make a difference....Id prefer it cause some people suck at texting and or the situation can prolong too long and not get the proper effect your trying to obtain. I know Id do off a text, they right up there after.
    And as well privacy can play into it as a factor......even if your just sending a text, WHO ARE YOU TEXTING? IS THAT YOUR F BUDDY etc etc....then you get your situation posted on the Facebook mainstream gossip media. People are assholes...that privacy is what prevents/safe guards the situation. Been sort of down that road and "proper timing" may be why they delay response. Ive heard it before on the phone, talking with a girl that the vibe is heavy with and you hear some A-hole in that background, OH IS THAT YOUR BF/CRUSH/GUY on the phone. Straight playing school yard tease games..people pulling this shit in their 20s-30s....why? Cause of jealously...
    ASIDE from the general advice it sounds like you fired off too heavy on her, especially pulling the valetines day card business. If you did some stuff already and all that it sort of sounds like a mutual friends with benefits situation, and from that you went into trying to make something more serious out of it...not that you cant do that but you should barely hint at such a thing and basically let things "ride-out" as they are.
  14. I only text when I can't call anyway. I don't understand it. When you call people can't tell what you were talking about...and it's faster. 
  15. do a flying 1080 round house kick on her face when you see her.
  16. Jus don't txt until thy do,even then don't txt that much lol justmake urself to busy to txt bak n only reply a bit when u do Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. Myself personally, it depends on who is texting me (and my level of desire to engage with them). If it's just a friend who I probably talk to all the time? I might text back immediately or look and then forget for awhile depending on the conversation.If I'm expecting texts while making plans that I'm actually looking forward to? Immediate. Not all that interested or flat out don't want to? I take my time.Now, if it's someone I REALLY want to talk to, like a crush or something . . . it still depends. If they're good about responding fast, I'll get right back. If they rarely text without my doing it first, I'll make them sweat it out a bit. And then there are times where I really am occupied and can't hit anyone back for a little while. Or I'll read the message while I'm on the move, then remember WAY later that I never responded.My conclusion: text is a very passive medium, so it's really hard to gauge personal interest levels just from response times. But chances are if she's ALWAYS taking forever to text you back, and isn't something super busy like a stock broker or something, chances are likely that your texts don't have the kind of high priority that someone gives them when they're hardcore into you. But again, there's all sorts of factors at play.I echo everyone else, essentially -- hang back and let her want to talk to you. It's a two-way street. We like when we have to work for it at least a little.
  18. It's just plain rude. You can find a minute in your day to say let me get back to you. Texting tho can also be exhausting. Pick up the phone and call sometimes-for u say so much more with your voice. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. idk if its just me but i hate talking on the phone. id rather text. i'll only answer the phone if its my mom, my bf, or if we're trying to meet up or something looking for each other. i don't know why i don't like to but yea.

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  20. if she starts acting distant and you can't get what you want... find a new girl!  plenty out there mane

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