girls when baked...

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  1. Does anybody else get really sloppy when they hook up with a girl baked? like I always get the fealing im fucking up and she hates it hahah
  2. You get the feeling she hates it, or she actually hates it? Or both?
  3. Where's the story?? This sould go in Sex, Love, and Relationships...

    But to answer your question, it's the opposite. Sex is way better for everyone involved when weed is thrown into the mix.

  4. Very true.
  5. maybe your just insecure
  6. I've never had a negative experience when weed and a lady friend were involved. It just makes everything better. Just don't overthink shit and you'll be fine.
  7. this right here. everythings better, i just overthink it well...not overthink more like overdue. this one time i hadnt smoked in a couple months cause i was takin a break. smoked some dank with this chick outta her bong was high as FUCK ended up just fingering her for like 45 minutes...okay more like 25 30 but still. after she was like next think you could eat me out? i just completely got lost in it. we had already fucked and stuff previous to that day so im sure she was expecting alot more then just that lol
  8. Haha thats funny, got into fingering her too much you forgot about straight up fucking
  9. hahaha i was so baked and i remember my throat fucking killed and the only that was helping it was her kissing ahah and i didnt get any complaints she was moanin so i kept goin at it haha. that was the last time we hooked up that bitch haha
  10. Nope....never have I thought I wasn't doing a girl right except for the first few times. Really to be good in sex just like anything else just google some lil tricks. You'll have your girl screaming incoherently in no time.
  11. remeber this saying and u will win the game of life

    a girl when baked will bake a cake
  12. I've never had high sex (insert epicfail.jpg here) but why would it be sloppy? Maybe it is your performance in general that is sloppy...not the weed causing you to be sloppy. Ya know what I mean? :smoking:
  13. haha no i mean just like kissing and hooking up when im tripping out and stuff i go insane and its not good

  14. Tripping 'trip out' one weed. Are we talking about weed or like acid or somethin? Weed doesn't make you trip out man...
  15. Trippin out and stuff.. what the fuck ???
  16. ^^ Yeah insane from are you talking about? Maybe you shouldn't be hooking up with girls high cause from the looks of it you're at the stage where you can't even hold a decent conversation when you're high.

  17. Wtf? I don't think that's the weed dude.

    Nice purple bar btw. I <3 purple as you can tell.
  18. Maybe hes baked to the point where he is almost retarded.
  19. lmao...royk is funny as hell....basically what shes sayin is u have no game man, it has nothin to do wit the weed...and from reading ur previous posts i might have to concur :D

    and never having sex high??.......u dont kno wat ur missing!!
  20. Hehe thanks^^, you're my red font buddy :) color font ftw!

    *edit* and yeah my ex and I used to toke up daily but we never had high sex...I don't know why. Oh well, soon enough :)

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