Girls; what is the most frustrating thing about guys?

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  1. What is the most frustrating thing that guys do that drives you crazy?

    Pet peeves, annoyances, things that irritate you, things you hate, things you just dont understand. Post here and share.

    (and make us GC guys better men) Or at least try :devious:
  2. 74 views and no replies lol. I think its a good idea to a thread but im a dude so i have nothing left to say lol.
  3. Not looking in my eyes when I talk to them
    just a little pet peeve...
  4. One of my biggest annoyances with guys is their friends. They try to influence their friend to ditch the gf/wife bc they want to hang out or try to get their friend to drink more and more even if he doesn't want to. My husband's friends have no respect for our marriage. My husband travels a lot for work and the minute he walks in the door, his co-worker calls to vent about work when they just spent days together traveling. The friends get mad if he brings me along when they go out drinking, they call all the time as if my husband doesn't have a life besides with them, they tell him to check out other women when I'm right there! Blah so yeah don't be one of those guys!

    Also what bothers me about men is how they don't understand that women like to receive a simple text or call once in a while to say they miss you.
  5. its probably all the rape. it really pisses me off when i get raped.
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    When they underestimate themselves. Or when they think their natural sex drive is base or that only men have one.
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    That too

  8. The fact that you even think about that and are trying to better yourself says a lot, you're half way there. Most people (guys and girls) don't even try!

    One thing that annoys me is when guys whine, uh! just man

    or when you have to tell them what to do, like "can you please help me with these heavy bags?" ..."can you please help me put this table together that I got from Ikea?"

    I think most girls are pretty simple; help us out with the manly stuff, take us out once in a while, notice when we do our hair all nice or have a different nail color :p...have our back 100%, defend us and just be our friends. Plus taking your time when having sex is nice too. :bongin:

    Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is a good read.
  9. your nail color? seriously?
    i mean i try to notice the small things but fuck.
  10. haha haha you wnat him to notice your nail color? And guys' friends? I'm sure they were there before you and i'm sure they'll be there even if something happens between you too. You know what i don't like in a woman? When they try getting between me and my friends. Just leave our friends relationships alone. I never tell my woman not to hang out with someone or anything like that (well except for this one slut who's now dating a CRACK dealer, i just dont want my gf taking my son over there. she wants to go, go nuts.)

  11. lol..I know what you mean, but it's the small details that count. I guess it's nice to know that your man is so into you that he notices things like that. Because although we don't admit it, we do those things (like paint our nails a sexy red or whatever) to be more attractive to our man. :D
  12. an old F buddy of mine. dyed her hair from really dark brown to black and i didnt notice
    thats like a super small detail and she was pissed

    and painted nails...idunno about sexy red being sexy. lmao
  13. When I've hooked up with the same dude several times and when I ask what's good I don't get a straight answer. If you're into me but aren't looking for a relationship, say that. It's not like I'm going to get mad or bail on great sex but if it's just about getting laid, lets be straight up about it. No one likes to waste their time
  14. i def notice when my gf has different color nails, finger or toes. she truely amazes me how beautiful she is
  15. Hate how the men in my family need to "protect" me (this means I get comments like "anyone fucks with you I'm gonna fuck them up"'my big brother is crazy essentially. There are things he should be angry some1 did to me but i don't believe in violence)

    Lack of emotions. My brothers, dad, boyfriend, and guy friends all do this. They hide them. I don't want anyone crying all the time lol but when I asked my boyfriend if he's ok when he's obviously not and he replied "nothin just pissed about something" . It's gotten better and he's more honest now. He's so rational about everything which is something i love and hate. He just rationalizes everything lol.

    Hmmm... That's really it and I dont even hate my boyfriends extreme rationalism that much because I can be pretty emotionally driven so we compliment on another well.
  16. There's some things that you just should not say to a woman. And telling them that you just want to fuck, is one of them.
  17. Not expressing things properly. Most guys I know keep it all in, then blow up about it. So_fucking_lame.

  18. I disagree! I'm not saying a dude should walk up to some chick and say "hey, you're hot. lets fuck" It's not attractive or classy but being upfront makes shit so much easier. No complications, none of that "I thought you wanted more" bullshit. Plain and simple; the sex is good, the weed is better, let it be as it is or do something about it.

  19. q f t!
  20. Clingyness.

    Back the fuck up, I don't want to be around you 25/8

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