Girls, What does it mean when you get shy around a guy? (Girls only)

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  1. So recently this girl got shy for no reason, what does it mean?
  2. It means

    a)She wants the dick

    b)She thinks you're the stalker type

  3. How do you know?
  4. Honestly no one here is going to be able to tell you without more info, have you met the girl previously, have you tried to converse with her, need a little bit of background info.

  5. Oh ok, i never talked to her, but i see her at the library once a week
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    Fuck a step by step guide. Man the fuck up and talk to her, she's just shy. Find out what she's reading, act interested even if you don't give a flying fuck. If she's acting uninterested in you: persistence.

    Good luck with it.
  7. You never talked to her, and you creep on her in the library? Maybe she's just fucking shy dude...

  8. Shes shy when she around me, but when she by her friends shes normal
  9. smh... because she is shy around guys, especially potential suiters. Go talk to her shit.
  10. Maybe because she knows her friends lol? My friends GF was shy as hell around me until we got to know each other. Some people are just shy to strangers.

  11. It sounds to me like you are stalking her... So you probably freak her out.

    If not, just try to talk to her man! Come on now... get going.
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    And that.

    Your a child molester, and she is fearing for her butthole.
  13. In all seriousness take a breath and just conversate with the girl she probaly likes you
  14. Her dick got hard n all the viens started throbbing!
  15. means there intimidated... for what reason.. who knows..

    could be they think your hot, and it's sexual tension, or could be they think your a creeper, and you scare them.
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    Are you Asian??
  17. [ame=]At the library Green Day With Lyrics - YouTube[/ame]
  18. Prolly thinks you're a fucking creep because you just stare at her
  19. Loud202Pack's, What does it mean when little kids get on the grasscity and talk about middlehiiiiiiii school problems.......?

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