Girls what do you add to your style

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  1. I was just thinking about how I wear shoelaces in my hair or wrapped around it
    or how I like wearing 2 diff socks :3 sometimes I'll put feathers or pencils in my hair or wear a scarf tied around my head, other things I love is wearing multiple rings atleast 2-3 on each hand :] the socks is def my sig tho

    what about u? anything u add to ur style that makes it ur own??
  2. Sounds like you look like a bum that just woke up inna dumpster :laughing:

    No offense

    Pencils , shoelaces, and feathers in your hair..
  3. Well I have a penis, but I walk around with a shirt on my head sometimes. Just layin there on my head...
  4. loool Hey!I just like that stuff..instead of spending money on all the unneeded accessories I just kinda make my own :rolleyes:
  5. different hair styles
  6. I ain't got not shoelaces in my hair, that's for sure.

    I like thigh high socks though.
    And colored tights with shorts.

    The weirdest thing I do is wear belts for no reason.
    Not in belt loops, but just around my waist over a shirt or dress. Not decorative belts, or ones that are supposed to be to cinch in excess fabric at the waist, either. I'll wear a tank top or other tight shirt, and have a leather or studded belt, about 2 belt holes too big for my waist, and let it hang diagonally on my body, at my natural waist on one side and resting on my hip on the other.

    It's an odd thing to do, I know, but I like it.
  7. Well my personal style is very unisex. But I usually like to doll it up with slight feminine items and accessories. Like I'll wear a plain hoodie and jeans, but wear fab make-up and cute dessert themed jewelry. I have a thing for dessert jewelry lol.

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