Girls view on a man's music taste.

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  1. I know girls that got attracted to me mainly because of my music, which means that it is a big am i right? and if i am what sort of music makes a man more charming to you?

    For example i would fall in love with a girl who is a big bjork fan.

    This question goes both ways btw.
  2. I'm single now but whenever I find myself in my next relationship I hope the girl I'm with isn't so bitchy and negative towards the music that I like. I kind of grew up in the hood in Chicago and all I listened to from the time I was a little tot to now has been rap and almost every girl I chill with/get into a relationship with always complains about it. I get disappointed when I see the disgust on woman's faces when violence/drug dealing is mentioned in the music. If my next gf can stand to listen to a little young jeezy, yo gotti, lil wayne, gucci mane, ti, etc... I would be happy lol I guess it's the opposite with you an I OP. Girls are attracted to you because of music and I'm sure it has negatively affected me.
  3. I'm really sorry man but i don't find any of those artists related to the hood's rap :)

    To each his own. and if she can't respect your music taste than she doesn't respect you.
  4. I feel/know this is very true. That's why when I'm with a chick....the radio is broken and the cd player is fucked which is true....but I have a chord for my iPod but they don't know.

    I just fear being judged. One girl was playing all this glee music from her iPod and it was just killing me. And if that wasn't bad enough she wanted me to sing along with her. Didn't last long.
  5. Let's get serious now....
    I woulda just told her to get out the car if she asked me to start singing glee haha.
  6. I feel as it means we would be on the same mind set.
    If I listen to deep music, and fully understand it, my mind would be at a greater capacity. Now If I found a girl who also listened to the same music, we would be great together, and have amazing conversations.
    As to a girl who like Justin Beiber, or pretty much anything on the radio, I refuse to date them. It's just a sign of ignorance really.
  7. N^gga idk.
  8. I like a lot of electronic music, that is how my last girl got into it all. She was a big Phish fan etc... and now she rocks to EDM.

    I like all genres as long as its not country. I liked listening to classical when I was butchering animals.
  9. I've been hookin up with this girl...

    The first music video I showed her was Tyler the creaters Yonkers. She asked what was wrong with me lol.
  10. I love electronic/trance/dance/techno/hardstyle/dubstep/drum&bass but i have yet to find a girl suited for me.....
  11. The last girl i dated was a violinist, we both enjoyed albinoni,manos and such.
    she also liked a few metal bands that i'm into for example meshuggah and we both got fucked up on boards of canada and theflashbulb and jammed to rick james.

    what i'm trying to say is that it also depends on the guy you have to be open about music and respect talent more than sound, eventually you will find her doing the same.
  12. I don't care what music my s/o listens to. As long as they can appreciate some form of art, that's enough. Genre doesn't matter; I can usually respect all types of music. Country being a stretch :p

    Enjoying the music I listen to is definitely a plus. I like it when other people can relate to and groove with the tracks on my iPod. It makes me happy.

  13. Too be honesty, I'm not really sure that it'd be the girl who would be being ignorant in that situation...

    I can't say I'd ever judge an individual on their musical taste alone.

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