Girls totally dig my green thumb ;)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Danyul, May 3, 2011.

  1. Seriously, babes like when they find out I grew the dankest buds they've ever smoked!

    Edit: Oh yea thanks grasscity for improving my swagggggaa!!!
  2. You should never tell anyone you grow....bad idea, but good for you

    Pics or it never happen
  3. i 2nd that pic or it never happened

  4. Grower Rule #1: Tell No one you grow..
  5. Yea I got lucky enough to have a girl so we talk about it. Well actually she helps n stuff. But other than that don't tell no one.
  6. Eeeeeee, Everything is all legal, and anyone who knows me learns quickly that basically if im not smoking buds im throwing up. I really don't mind showing anyone, I wouldn't even care if the DEA busted in my door kicked me in the toof and threw me in jail. I'll just be one of the guys walking out of the prison with a big ole grin on my face along with all my felow bud related felons.
  7. Well to be quit honest I kinda believe we should all stop caring about the DEA and start introducing mass quantities of seeds all over the states and anywhere else it'll grow. And Quarantine all the ones who care about what were doing.

  8. cops are only half the problem.. when someone kicks in the door then your face to rob you, you will remember rule #1 :cool:
  9. If some one came to my house to steal the plants, they would be stealing the least expensive thing! Just cause they know where it is doesn't mean they're goona come take it.

    But Biggie Smalls did say that was numero uno... Good thing were not dealing with crackheads here!!!
  10. they could sell it and buy crack
  11. You ever been to prison?

  12. hell on earth... i'd rather die... im not kidding... i will not go to jail, ever
  13. No I haven't but there's always martyrs in a revolution.
  14. Crazy man Crazy, for you to think this chick wont blab her mouth to her boyfriend, her next one after you, is silly man...

    The problem isnt your circle of friends, its the one guy who has nothing to lose that will come get it...

    Ugh. Live and Let live :smoke:
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  15. /\ this is what I'm sayin.. ;)
  16. I'm not worried. I appreciate the concern guys but I don't worry about locking my thousands of dollars worth of electronics and not let anyone see that I own them. I don't follow this logic, I love my girls but don't stress about security any more then my car.
  17. Shame on you Danyul!

    People get jealous, and when people get jealous they start talking out the mouth.

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