girls telling you they're pregnant and then saying it was a joke

Discussion in 'General' started by D9_THC, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. i think this is fucking sick.

    this girl i know, who knows i like (love?) her. but we can't be together.

    and she doesn't have a boyfriend, as far as i know.

    then one day she says to me "I'm going to have a baby!"
    as if she's had a boyfriend for long enough or whatever.

    and i ask her, is this a joke and she says no.
    i was pissed off already, because she hadn't even mentioned that she had a boyfriend.

    but then she says it's a fucking god damn joke!
    some joke. that's just sick.

    she doesn't even understand why i'm pissed off.

    she's lucky i'm not a violent person. some people would gladly stab her in the face for doing that.

    fucking mind game.
  2. she doesn't even understand why i'm pissed off.

    fucking sicko
  3. That's just wrong. Some girls can be very insensitive, D9. I'm sorry that she did that to you. People who play mind games end up having someone play mind games with them in the end. It's all about karma.
  4. i hope she gets fucked in the ass by her new baby.
  5. well, neither are real let's remember :p
  6. not very nice at all!!!!! i can't believe people do that for a joke. good god. it must of really hurt you. sry to hear that. hope your day turns out better.
  7. man my Ex pulled that shit on me.. she tried to tell me she was pregnate and i was the only one she was sleeping with at that time, so i was scared shittless.. except she didnt tell me she was lying for like a month later.. i was pissed but at the same time i was relieved that there was no baby.

    its one of those damn "woman games" they want to see how serious you are about the relationship so they pull some shit.. *sigh* why do women have to be so difficult
  8. laws of karma = she plays sick joke on you, she contracts aids.:D
  9. I have a friend who got drunk at the came over to my dorm and passed out. We've never done anything and a couple days later she IMed me and said she was pregnant and signed off real quick. Kinda scared me. I was afraid she thought I did something to her after she passed out. I called her real quick to find out what was going on and she was just joking. Girls can piss me off sometimes. Women, can't live with them, can't have heterosexual sex without them.
  10. or in my case can't do either with 'em :(
  11. That's freaking Zia said, those kinds of girls give the rest of us bad names

  12. rotflmao!!!!:D
  13. damn that girl is really fucked up in the head... sorry D9
  14. i guarantee you thats nothing like right after busting a nutt, your girl tells you that she quit takin the pill two weeks before and wants to have kids and shit, because it will boost your responsibility.


    damn dr pepper eveyrwhere.
  15. Damn Norm.


    Sure.. this "joke" was fucked up. And totally wrong.

    But doing that is just... W-R-O-N-G.

    Or something..

    I'd understand myself more if I was high.
  16. yea this me..... its better then getting a dip stick (from a prg test) in a jewerly box for your birthday...... Happy brithday its gonna be a boy.........

    10 min laster she told me it was a joke after i had a near heart attack......
  17. Rules of life for women who are thinking of becoming fucked up little bitches.

    1. dont mess with a man's emotions.
    2. Don't lead your man to beleive you're on the pill when you're not.
    3. If you are on the pill don't miss a single day... i know people who have got preggers from that.
    4. Dont ever poke holes in your man's condoms.
    5. Dont mess with a man's emotions.
    6. Don't lie about who's baby it is.
    7. Don't lie about having sex with some guy who you never had sex with!

    some people think that women are more sensitive and emotional than men..... well thats just bullshit. men just hide it better and arent under control of their emotions and hormones as much as women.

    srry, if this all seems a bit one sided... DeltaNine just got me thinkin of some of the real wackos i seem to have atracted in the past.


    ps... i'm obviously not tellin any of the gurls here at the city.... u guys r all sound.
  19. sweet muvva of mystewy!! that's a fualked up joke...
  20. digit, you have it down to a T.

    nobody should mess with anyone's head like that. it sucks tho... cos i've a friend who had a similar thing.his girlfriend said she was pregnant. and he panicked like a man on fire.

    then she said it was a joke.

    then he dumped her.

    the moral of the story is, if you ever land in this sort of situation, give the perpetrator a well deserved poke in the eyeballs. if you're feeling daring, use a fork.

    not really a moral. more like hard iron justice.

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