Girls question for you again..

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    Well my old thread about that girl I was talking about we'll I asked her out at a party last night :cool: we talked she said she liked me and what not soo yeah im in but I have some worries.. hahaha well valentines day is coming up and Should I get her something or is that like way too soon :eek:

    P.S I didnt have a girlfriend since sophmore year.. So im abit scared hahaha.. feel like a pussy saying that but yeah I just need some advice this will probably be my first serious relationship any advice please. :eek: where still in highschool also hate when everyone is like ohh shit there dating shits so annoying :confused: advice please my dudes and ladies :smoke:
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    Do whatever you think you should do. What grade are you in anyway? I can't help but feel like this was written by a 15 year old..
  3. hahaha well im 18 (senior) now but i did join when i was a junior (16-17 dont remeber lul) :rolleyes: I mostly would just get with girls.. not like go out and smoking a lot.. so not really experienced with relationships hahaa
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    If she was receptive of your gesture, ("I asked her out at a party last night") and she seems to like you, then it's definitely a good idea.... almost any excuse to do something nice for someone you care about, is a good excuse. Even Valentines Day ;)
    It doesn't have to be wild or expensive this early on, if she hasn't properly warmed up to you, you could risk looking like you're trying too hard.. just something nice, or personal.

    And on the other hand, there's the possibility that if you don't do at least some small, special thing, that she may assume you're just not that into her, and she'll adjust the way she responds to you accordingly.

    Ah, young love :) Good luck!
  5. hahaha yeah thanks I was thinking of something small not sure what but... ill come to me!
  6. Flowers. Lots of pink flowers. Girls LOVE flowers.

  7. Be careful about this... Some girls actually don't like flowers and some may actually be allergic...

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