girls on fb posting slutastic videos ...

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. yeah fb is prettttttty dumb
    i only use it to keep in touch with fuckers that dont talk to me really anymore
    i like to keep tabs on some peoples lives, make sure they dont die.
    i dont have a phone atm
  2. Well it looks like most of her friends IRL are 13-14 soooo...awkward.

  3. Says the man who got a BJ from his 3rd grade teacher LMAO :p
  4. the girl is only 14 herself
  5. ehmergerd! how do you live without a phone!?
  6. You go to school with this chick right? Soooo make lesbian sex

  7. nah
    dude im in college
    sophomore year
    this girl is


  8. >>
    yeah but im a guy...
    its called the double standard

  9. well it literally happened like a week ago i dropped it down a sewer drain on accident :/

  10. Wonder how long till she's knocked up :rolleyes:

  11. I was just kidding :p just noticed you both were in same area and wow....people mannnnn

  12. haha just messing with ya!
  13. :( you klutz you.

    Isn't that.. like... illegal?
  14. totally child pornography right? .__.
  15. I predict her account will end up being closed fairly soon.
  16. ya.. If I were you I'd probably go back and edit out that link to her facebook. :hide:
  17. lol done and doneee, fuck that o;

    but yeah
    sluts are fine like whatever do your thing i guess
    dont expect respect or to be taken seriously
  18. She's 14, she wouldn't get respect or be taken seriously either way.
  19. Looks like the video got deleted... But not before it was shared over 3000 times and recorded onto multiple computers.

    Amanda Todd anyone? :p

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