girls on fb posting slutastic videos ...

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Do I have to like follow her or some shit? Lol
  2. You're trying really hard to look at some naked chick on facebook.. why don't you just watch some porn, dude? or can you not find any? hahaaa

  3. lmfao i was thinking the same.
    it's not all that.
    2 secs or something of nude

    find a girl or something :smoking:
  4. we girls think alike.
    men are such pigs aren't they?
    you mention a naked girl and they trip over themselves trying to take a peek.. LOL
  5. Actually now it's pure curiosity. I have a thing where if I know something's there, and can't find it, well, I need to find it.

  6. maybe cause we see a naked female body EVERY day
    i mean
    they treat it like the holy grail sometimes
    eh, better grateful and appreciative than oblivious and ..well gay would suck
    for us straight bitches at least

    but still, horndog type men are a REAL turn off to me.
  7. true.
    & samee. horndogs act too desperate. it really is a turnoff.

    I'm.. okay with that. I think. haahahaaa.
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    why so spiteful bro?

    you sound like ur lacking some vitamin D. Hit me up for a healthy dose
  9. She doesn't even get naked. Idk what they're talking about lol.
  10. See what I mean?


  11. ...

    god forbid a girl actually isn't a desperate for attention secretly low self esteem broad who says yes to any request a dumb ass guy asks of her.

    i don't mind if a man is horny i mean that's fine, that's your dick for ya.
    but to the extent of some guys
    it's just like
    do you know any other words?
  12. "Yo mama should beat yo ass .. hood rat lookin ass"
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    Hahaha anyone reading these comments?

    Some classics in the mix!
  13. lol ur too funny. I never understood why girls think every girl that gets attention is a slut, or when guys holler at a girl they are "horn dogs"

    how do u live
  14. DUDE every girl that gets attention is NOT a slut i never said that?
    don't assume foo.
    some girls are just really pretty or perhaps a sweetheart and are well known?
    and a guy simply hollering is not a horndog.
    a guy who only talks about sex, what he'd "do to you," sends random UNASKED FOR pics of his dick, etc. is a horndog
  15. wasn't even talking to you.. ANYWAY

    u were talking about assumptions foo?
  16. well im talking to you.
  17. I don't think she's a slut because she's getting attention, nor do I think she's a slut because " guys tryna holla at chu gurrrrll." :rolleyes:

    I think she's a slut because she posted a raunchy video of herself getting naked for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE.

    Use your brain foo'

  18. sluts are just gonna be sluts, its what the do
    and the dumb ones hang out on FB
  19. BREAKDOWN courtesy of Dr. Badfish:

    A girl who is hot and gets attention = Good looking
    A girl who posts nudes to get attention = SLOOT
    A girl who is hot and posts nudes = Porn star

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