girls on fb posting slutastic videos ...

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I couldnt find any video like what was described, just one really short fully clothed twerk video>.<
  2. "The Page You Requested Was Not Found"

  3. You found a slut on fb.. congratulations?
  4. Please pm me all fb sluts. Thank you.
  5. That video is kind of fucked up...

    This girl might have some mental issues...

    I mean, like at the end she completely strips then the video ends, no more tweaking or whatever

    If there was a time to do that shit, it's when your naked.
  6. looks like she'd be sticky to the touche or something....

    id hit it
  7. Soo... M-much s-swag. Eyes... B-burning. Ahhh

  8. Hahaha she's like 16 or something, I just thought it was extremely odd how she tried adding me on facebook and makes me wonder if she adds a bunch of strangers to draw more attention to herself.
  9. lol her face.
  10. so this isnt the girl that gave head to 2 guys...? or...?

  11. dude at the END she strips to nothing you gotta get through all the bullshit first :p
  12. I don't see any videos. Just a couple posts of her changing her cover photo is all

  13. nah, that's a different bitch

  14. probably put her shit private after all the mass amounts of negative feedback

  15. :cry: nooo
  16. Well, you're special, aren't you?
  17. :confused:

  18. AHA, Thank you lol, yea i had gotten impatient :p
  19. Her profile isn't private, and the video is near the bottom of the page.

    And this thread is HIGHLY agaisnt the rules...
  20. the sad thing is she aint too bad body wise but i like my bitches classy


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