girls, heres where u come in.

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  1. Before i begin, no pun intended on the title :)

    okay so i have a new girlfriend, who i really really really like. In my eyes shes perfect because shes the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. Her personality is alot like mine and this is why me and her are looking like a very good match. Anywho...

    the other day we get in the bed and are mucking around. i wanna know is it that everytime a girl leaks really badly while ur "playing with her" or even squirts, does this mean they are having an orgasm?

    guys u could help out too i guess? but yeh just a question :)
  2. she might just be one of those girls that gets really wet. maybe you're just good at what you're doing. by "playing with her" what exactly do you mean?
  3. okay well like ill be fingering her, two fingers. up n down hard and then she be getting louder and louder then pull my hand out then when i touch it again shes soaked, anddd my sheets...well they to are a mess haha i dont mind it i atcually enjoy this because i know its making her feel good. but yeh....
  4. what you're doing sounds exactly like the basic form of making girls squirt with your hands. i assume thats whats going on, good job
  5. if shes getting wet shes getting wet. if shes moaning and the clams tightening up then she just might be orgasming
  6. thansk for ur help i mean its just new to me this experience because its just started happening noww with the past two girls ive hooked up with, this is in the space of a month. so i guess the new technique is working....

    oh i love women :)
  7. You should be proud of yourself for accidentally stumbling across the way to make your girl squirt LOL.
  8. dude u found ur self a squirter. enjoy it and keep her around. but remember a relationship is not all about sex so stay true to this girl bro
  9. yehhh i know i know. this is just an added bonus.

    and wow wat a bonus.
  10. Wash dem sheets.
    And nice find on squirtle you got there.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. thank you for that. :laughing:
  13. If theres water in the cup, drink it.
  14. how about getting to this point?



  15. hahahahha.....oh sheeeit lucky i can swim
  16. That is the best pokemon reference Ive ever seeN!!!:hello:
  17. When i used to rush my ex upstairs, i would rip her pants off and there would already be a pool of cum sitting there, i'd be like "Yo, what the fuck, im barely turned on and you've already came like 3 loads"...She'd just laugh.

    I'd usually eat it when i started eating her out, she loved that shit.
  18. hahaha.....nobody has answered the question yet haha, shes aslepp next to me right was not long ago that she literally leaking this time. its amazing.

    back to the question! is it an orgasm or not? lol i just wanna know!

    shit im so demanding sorry guys i know we can all get abit sidetracked....with pokemon and such
  19. LOL yeah it is.
  20. YO KANYE I just wanna say, this thread is good, but Beyonce has the best thread of the year

    and just ask your girl if she came. simple!

    That's not cum, thats discharge.........................

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