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  1. I had 3 males in the room told they was safe at week 3 till they filled out more then box em and remove to a bathroom ,I did harvested early grinder em at different house and collected from my pollen shaker .

    job done was so proud , now I go to the groom and my big ass girls have got swelling calax on there buds day 30, so I check and quite a few buds have a spot of seeds there an amazing red colour but I didn’t want to cross the plants in question lol

    so question is

    will the yield be the same stil ?
    will the seeds be f1 as there 2 diff crosses ?

    wil terpines or thc change ?

    quite happy with 1 cross as it’s , strawberry sour diesel x Jaffa delight sowah and a purple pheno from wk2
    @TimJ your a selective breeder hehe I think I did my first pollen chuck , do I need to hose the groom down to kill pollen ?
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  2. if the buds are seeded the yields and potency will suffer but you will have seeds so its a trade off
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  3. I only keep one male with the female I breed. I've never weighed my seed plants so I'm not sure about your yield. Your seeds will be F1. At this point wetting down your room won't change much. Pollen is only viable for 2-3 days in a tent or grow room. Your terpenes shouldn't change. But, your plant will redirect its energy into making seed. So cannabinoid production is secondary to seed production now.
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  4. Haha that’s a shame so the flavour will be decreased ? It stinks already lol it’s a strawberry sour and a Jaffa sour ,
    Ye I was told I was safe till they looked like popping I removed them before that time and still pollinated me lol

    the seeds are at beginning so the seeds will be all centred in buds haha
    Going to have to offer my fam weed for seed lol the seeds will be golden
    Got f1 strawberry sour x Jaffa sowah the mrs said it’s now called “bloody sour fruit”
    And got Jaffa sowah f2 also that will be fun her parents have some wicked genes.
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    I do not believe that terpenes,flavonoids or anthocyanins are affected by pollination or during seed production. I have not had lab testing performed to verify this. But, from what I've experienced. I taste and smell no difference and I have the same colors during flowering fade.
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  6. As I though yay
    Found a topic on it but was based off hemp fields filled with males openly pollinating constantly so was happy to find that lol

    if anything I’d say thc increases as it’s a defence mechanism and surely there protecting seeds so the thc would be wanted eh
    Gg4 seeds to hell but is 30%thc killer shit lol or gsc I can’t remeber which it was but breeders want it lol

    and how many people started bag weed seeds based off the bag weed lol

    can’t wait the seeds are red RED in the purple and hybrid vigor Heterosis will come f1 hehe and I’m happy with yield so far and size no stretch tho so hope the Jaffa helps there she has some
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