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Girls fed marijuana sauce 'by mistake'

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by Superjoint, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. April 14, 2004

    A MAN has denied deliberately feeding two young girls spaghetti with a cannabis-laced sauce.

    Anthony John Patten yesterday pleaded not guilty in the South Australian District Court to two counts of administering cannabis to a child.

    Patten, 22, was alleged to have administered the drug to two girls, aged 2 and 4, last September at a house in Adelaide's north.

    He denied the charges in a hearing yesterday and was bailed to reappear again next month.

    Last September a Magistrates' Court hearing was told the girls were taken to hospital after allegedly eating spaghetti with a marijuana-laced sauce.

    Patten who was caring for a friend's children, told police he served them spaghetti with a pasta sauce containing cannabis, police prosecutor Harry Scherwitzel told the earlier Elizabeth Magistrates Court hearing.

    He said he had simply forgotten what was in the sauce, the court heard.

    The Daily Telegraph

    This report was published at www.dailytelegraph.com.au
  2. why did they take the girls to hospital?

    i had a friend at boarding school who ate a whole nutmeg (not enough to kill you) but they took him to hospital.

  3. My guess is because they were only 2 and 4.
  4. sounds like a delishous meal!!

    mmmmmmmm, canabis sauce!!
  5. MMMMMmmmmmmm..........im hungry now........
  6. good god, the stoner forgot aboot the laced sauce and fed it to 2 youngins??!!! it's people like that, that gives us smokers a bad name. get with it buddy!!

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