Girls: eating out?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Xenj, Jul 9, 2003.

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  1. Well hello there. Intresting question on the tip of my tongue...

    I seem to get my lady friend off pretty well.... but I want to know how to really....really make her toes curl. Any ideas? Common, you know you love it ladies. Now tell us how you like it.

  2. raw

  3. LMAO

    Thats what the women I\'ve been around say... Eat it till they begg for you to stop....

  4. and then just that little bit more right? :D
  5. slow, warm at first...taking lots of time...moaning is good...when she gets really excited, don\'t stop doing whatever it is...unless you want it to last longer and be that much more \"toe curling\"..depends on the goal, lol.
  6. toe curling and multiples!
  7. *smiles!* :D *drools* mmmmmmmm...
  8. oh god i hate eating pussy.....
  9. its one of those finest things on earth
  10. Nothing could be finer! ;)

    Tha Mrs calls me \"Drambuie\"....

    you know, a fine
  11. \"Hey, who put the shitter so close to the snack bar?!?!?!\"

  12. No way, its the worst. A million times worse than a girl having to give a blowjob...

    *sigh* But returning the favor is only fair, right? [​IMG]
  13. oh geez lol


    finally after being away from my snack bar for a month now, I got the girl back! Woooooohoo! unfortunatly though her Aunt Flo was in town..couldnt work my magic! soon though. I cant wait. im hungrrrrrrrry. lol. :p

    about knowing how to really..theres nothing better than getting your girl to talk you through a good lapping. I love to communicate to my girl, its not only good to know whats going on, but it gets me hot too! I love to know what she loves to get. so I can give it to her! lol and it just brings you closer to her, good communication is sexy.

    moonlighthigh has it though, starting off slow, toying around, lol I like to tell her im gonna give her an alphabet lesson ;) and when she starts to move her hips into you a little bit more and more, you gotta go in harder. sometimes im actaully straining not to stop what im doing, it takes a lot of hard work sometimes! but the payoff is just too good! Being able to read a girls body is key too.

  14. yea right ide rather eat puss then suck cock
  15. Guys, I think that munching can be a bit of an acquired didn\'t really enjoy pleasing my woman that way \'till I met the mrs...I was in my 20\'s & had been pleasing women (I thought) by loving them long & hard with my shelaleagh...I\'d go down a bit, but didn\'t really like doing it...

    Ladies, back me up on this one...I think you\'ve got to take the time to know your way around the female body...what\'s the right way to get her going...where are the hot spots...where\'s the g spot...don\'t forget to warm her up before you go for it! lol...sometimes a little toe sucking and kissing the inner thighs, nape of the neck, nipples, etc, will get her wet & ready for more direct stimulation...when you get down there, take your time (unless you\'ve got kids banging on the bedroom door!)...there\'s not a lot of things more intense than bringing her to a screaming orgasim with your tounge, then having her quivering with excitement for you to sink your shelaleagh in, and feeling her contractions of orgasim as you stroke it in her...damn, I\'m getting a little too worked up here! lol...well, you get the picture...if you\'re in a loving relationship, the more pleasure you give to your partner, the better it\'ll feel when your receiving pleasure in return!

    OK, now I need a smoke..LOL

  16. hahaha......

    and seriously munchin a box ain\'t that long as your doin it right.....and the chic takes care of her self, wich i\'d like to think most try to....


  17. This is true!!!!!!

    You have to take the time to really stir the soup before you can get a good taste!

  18. haha awwwwwww:( poor baby...... i guess i will make SOME exceptions.....;)

  19. Bu it also depends what kind of relations your having.... there a time and place for everything.... that might work for \'making love\' but just down right gettin nasty and fuckin is another thing..... or diff just like a lil quicky..... sometimes all ya got time for is a few laps just to get the juices flowin.....

    but hey, its all situation dependent..... :D

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