Girls dont notice me or like me

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  1. I would say a solid 50-75% of girls dont even notice me or care about me. The other 25-50% dont like me. And about 0%-5% like me. and about <0% are actually interested in me.

    Ive never been able to figure it out my whole life. I have a large collection of friends, like hundreds of friends around my area, mostly guys. Im not sure you would call them friends but i try to stay cool with everybody, ya know? i see tons of people i know all around the area at different times, and i stay on everybodys good side and we hang out and drink beer or whatever.

    I could count on my hands the number of girls that ive personally hung out with or even made plans with. How ive managed to get the 13 girls numbers in my phone is beyond me.

    Im not going to give out any personal information here but...

    Any tips, advice, thoughts, comments, etc welcome. Dont be hateful though :(
  2. All you need is some chloroform, an old van, and a free candy sign and you'll be swimming in pussy bro.
  3. thanks for nothing bro.
  4. are you confident?
  5. You're actually kind of lucky about the friends thing. For me it's like the opposite. Only girls notice me. Guys get all jealous and I usually lose friends.
  6. I know how you feel, I went most of my life being that guy too lol.
    I hit the gym and started working out a lot, and stopped smoking weed when I knew I had to go out into public (I'm kinda awkward when I'm high lol).

    Whenever you see a girl you like, just smile at her. Not a big ass goofy smile, just a little smile if you make eye contact. Just this last year girls seem interested in me... At first I was like.. wtf? But now I'm like awww yeeah.

    E: What Bud said. Confidence is a major factor.
  7. The only way that is possible is to have absolutely no personality whatsoever. Who wants that?

    Just live your life and don't try so hard.

    But then again I'm talking out my ass here. I'm nearly twenty five. I've never counted but I'd be shocked if I had more than thirteen women's numbers in my phone. Maybe after freshman year in Mankato. But those were almost all friends girlfriends.
  8. the only reason that is happining is beacuse thats how your portraying yourself. CONFIDENCE IS KEY!!! i know kids that are ugly and bag mad girls because they are so confident in them selves. ive just recently been rebuilding my confidence and in the last 2 months ive been talkin to mad girls and hookin up with em.

    trust me dude. ignore your cons and focus on your pros. any doubts you have in your self ignore them! embrace the good things about your self

  9. Women notice confidence, karisma, character. Women react to a man that exudes these qualities. You will notice it as soon as you enter the room if you have it.

  10. Booyah! This right hur...
  11. so i googled some things about confidence, i really liked what was said. But the only problem is cannabis gives me anxiety about this kind of stuff. and i love smoking weed too much :(

    The only way i can pick up chicks is if i only drink alcohol. Cause i lose inhibitions.
  12. Wrong ^

    I'm working on myself too in this department, nowhere near as much issues in my self-esteem or confidence however. I just don't really put myself out there that much.

    If you want to get more confidence with talking to people, you need to practice, just like with anything else. Dive headfirst into people (not literally ofc) and see how long you can make a conversation go, soon enough you'll find it just comes naturally when you talk to people, and if you're interesting and intriguing to people, oh boy will your confidence soar even higher.

    ...just don't let it all go to your head :p
  13. Your math doesn't add up.
  14. Just be a dick. And ignore a chick when she walks into a room, drives them crazy bro

  15. hahaha
  16. Not trying to be hateful, but is this you?

    Other than that - it's been said a thousand times, and I'll say it again: Confidence! You don't have to be the boastful type to excrete confidence - the gloomy lone-wolf guy also gets girls because deep down, he believes in himself.
  17. Bro I was in the same boat as yu dude don't get down on yurself. Jus try a new look, I learned that yur not gonna get anywehre witout takin any risks. Hit up some girls jus wit like hey and see where it goes from there have a frend hook u up with one of there gfs friends or something along those lines. I've been there dude it sucks but it'll get better jus try take a risk worst that cood happen is u try another one of the billions of women out there
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    i could make up a bullshit conversation with a stranger, not a problem.

    yes it does. try adding it again. 50-75% and 25-50% could be 50/50 or 25/75 or anything in between, but you also have to include the other 5%, so it would be like 50/45/5 or 70/25/5

    i was actually like that in highschool! didnt get laid once.
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    Maybe they envy your COD clutch skills.

  20. Here is the 3 step guide to getting chicks

    1.) Hit the gym, get a nice body
    2.) Gain confidence (comes with the gym after a while)
    3.) Get pussy

    Honestly, that's what I did lol. Worked my ass off till I had a nice body. Then I was more confident around people I didn't know. Then start talking to girls. Then start learning your "game". There's no book, but you gotta have confidence and the gym helps a lot of people with that from what I've experienced and seen.

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