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Girls do your haha's mean you dont want to talk nemore?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by BurtonSnow, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Ok so Im wondering. I hate getting a text back from a girl that says Haha. Like wtf do you want me to say to that. Does that just mean, hey I dont feel like talking to you anymore?

    And what is the difference from a haha and a hahaha [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], w.e smilie.
  2. why would you wanna converse with a girl who has nothing better to say than "haha" anyway?

    what was she saying "haha" to? she's probably in the same situation you are.
  3. Here is what happend. I was talking to this girl like all day. We got on the subject of how she wore this toga as a theme for school and random people called her mean names.

    Me: Maybe they are just jealous
    Her: Why the fuck would anyone be jealous of me wrapped in a bed sheat?
    Me: U obviously look good in a toga duhh why else?
    Her: Hahaha :p

    Like wtf.
  4. Sounds like she wants to tongue your balls...

    Just go all out and ask her..
  5. Thats retarded.
  6. Pansy
  7. Wait, was as it a "HA ha," or just a "ha ha?" I heard that...

    Dude, seriously? It's a fucking text message. Nothing important has ever been typed by thumbs. Who gives a shit?
  8. coulda followed up with

    "its true."


    "Least i think so."

    She replies

    then you reply:

    "Hey, i was just wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime. Catch a movie[Insert other activity that is non-generic (not to say the movie line doesn't work, it does, but yeah. Its generic] or something."

    If she agrees. Set up your first date.
    Dinner -> Movie -> Starbucks(or other coffee shop)

    But yeah. I hate it when women send you a text that has no substance or obvious follow-up. It's so...odd.
  9. haha kinda harsh but funny.

    i kinda get what your saying op. Personaly i think texting is gay but that doesnt stop everyone else in the world from doing it. It takes me so long to text compared to everyone else. It is pretty anoying when girls give you short 1 word ansers in the middle of a conversation. point- txting is wack
  10. Wtf jut happened?
  11. That's what i'm sayin bruh, hahah.
  12. She didn't blow you off at all. What else was she supposed to say in that context. "Haha" doesn't mean shit other than Haha. You're reading too much into it.
  13. the :p says alot in a female text message. kinda like this is what im saying and heres a cute little face so you don't take it wrong, guess thats just my stoned female perspective, nothing solid but that's my thoughts. That was your invitation to say something back. As others said :D so do it, whats the worst that can happen? Grab life by the balls, you'll never know unless u try..:smoking:
  14. Just have sex with her already.
  15. just text her back with a smiley face. :)
  16. To the OP: you are over-analyzing things way too much. I doubt there's any big meaning behind 'haha'..maybe she just thinks you're funny.
  17. Why do people text so damn much? It is literally less effort to dial the number and talk. And then shit like this doesn't really happen because most people don't like awkward silence.
  18. Texting is lame.

    That said, if I reply a single 'haha' I either don't know what to say or wish I wasn't spending my time talking to you.

    That's justtttt me.

    People who text a lot are the sort of people who don't give a lot of effort into their conversations, so I wouldn't expect more effort in their replies.
  19. My composition professor said he thinks texting cell phones are like pacifiers for adults. :)
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    Your over anylysing it. However I have a similar situation my girlfrined says "yeah" alot to my texts and it's really fucking annoying, so I just send a "yeah" back and then she gets on with the convo,,,,maybe you should send "haha" back at her next time and see what happens..

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