Girls: Do you like anal?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DrLeonardHofstadter, Aug 1, 2012.

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  2. my ex girlfriend, who had the nicest bootay out of anyone ive ever dated, she absolutly loved it. its alright, but i dont care for it all that much. its just really tight.

    but ill answer your question. bitches love it
  3. Meh.... I don't want to have anal sex but everything else is ok occasionally.
  4. i've only been with one chick would was crazy enough to let me do that.
  5. anal sex is great, just sayin
  6. I've had two gf's that let me have my way with their ass.

    It was fun, they seemed to enjoy it. :laughing:
  7. I <3 anal.

    enough said :}
  8. Never done fucking yet.. but my guy has rubbed and even licked my ass.. At first I wasnt for it but it feels SO amazing. :D

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  10. The one thing I still have yet to try......... :(

  11. Blood and piss have less bacteria -_____________-
  12. i've seen enough porn to know anal is revolting... forcing my boner into her ass and pushing her poop up her rectum. *throwsup*

  13. yeah.. hopefully theres no poop in her ass at the time of intercourse
  14. Technically speaking, because of the prostate, receiving anal sex is meant to be more enjoyable for guys than for girls. Just saying...

  15. That just made my day! hahaha.

  16. My point was that there's not a lot.of bacteria if its clean

  17. True. The anus isn't necessarily more "contaminated" than a penis or a vagina. Heck... if we thought about all the "bacteria" in the average human mouth, we would never enjoy blowjobs.
  18. I like it every once in a while...but I'm kind of freaky ...
  19. [quote name='"sorrowssong"']I like it every once in a while...but I'm kind of freaky ...[/quote]

  20. I actually was the first to suggest it on my current relationship lol.

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