Girls: Do you like anal?

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  1. Wrong thread but i coulda sworn that happen. Prolly some1 else
  2. Do girls like anal you ask..

    The answer is no

    They fucking love it hahaha
  3. I've tried it with two guys on a few separate occasions. never really liked it. it felt okay at times but nothing I'd wanna do often. plus slight discomfort lasts a bit longer after if you don't do it regularly.
  4. Yes! We have one girl sighting! C'mon where da bladies at?
  5. Anal is more for the guys pleasure, I'd say. I'm sure there are some freaky bitches out there but the one time I tried anal, the girl was in severe pain. But it is a good plan if you've got no condom; plus feels better than fucking with condom.
  6. Personally, I'm not a big fan of anal. Rim jobs are fine - when my husband started doing that, I thought I would hate it, but I really liked it.

    With anal it just has to be handled delicately. It hurts, A LOT. They have this stuff called "Tushy Tamer" at Spencer's - for the first time, you should definitely get that, it helps take the edge of and is extremely useful.
  7. I wasn't just talking about fucking. Fingers are in the conversation too guys lol
  8. When I'm almost *there* a finger in the ass (not all the way in,and preferably his pinky lol) can push me over the edge sometimes but I don't do anal sex,hurts too much.
  9. lol this is how all females are, fair enough i guess
  10. I was actually offered anal by my ex girlfriend but it has to kinda be the right time and place for it, you know? I'm sure most girls would at least consider doing it if the time and place were right.
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    I fuck my girl in the ass once every two months maybe. The key is to start slow, first a finger...make sure she is comfortable, then put another in, a decent amount of lube but not too's not a slip and slide.

    After fingers she usually wants the smaller anal beads, then we slowly work her into the bigger beads...she starts to enjoy it a bit by the last bead. From there I slowly insert the tip...haha for those of you who have done anal, you know this can take anywhere from 3 seconds to 30 minutes.

    Most the time, if we've prepared properly she is fine after 3 min or so, I am on the larger size, not gloating but being honest, this does make it difficulty to go deep. It usually takes another 15 min to get my dick all the way in.

    We don't have anal much not because she doesn't like it, but after you prepare, and take it easy on the ass, 30min to an hour has gone by. Unless you're Tory Lane who needs no lube (pornstar), but then your ass looks like a wormhole. :smoke:

    I know I'm not a girl, but I hope my wisdom has helped, haha.

  12. yeah I saw that man.. I knew what the fuck u ment but some bitches got something up theyre ass because they got offended and decided to ignore obviously what u ment and instead they went at u like nazis because u didnt give the whole thread an anatomy class and u wernt all specific and stupid shit

  13. Your wisdom gave me a boner
  14. I hate being fingered in the ass. But I love fucking if it's the right time, Can't be doing that shit everyday. When it's good it makes me cum so fast.
  15. [quote name='"Kellee"']I hate being fingered in the ass. But I love fucking if it's the right time, Can't be doing that shit everyday. When it's good it makes me cum so fast.[/quote]

    I have reason so believe that your a guy
  16. Not really
    Usually doesnt turn out well...
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    [quote name='"THCdelta11"']

    I have reason so believe that your a guy[/quote]

    Nope girl!
  18. your statement leaves me to believe that u have had anal and im guessing ur a guy because of ur profile pic...:eek:
  19. [quote name='"Kellee"']

    Nope girl![/quote]

    then your a really fucking cool girl! haha
  20. the real question is,

    guys, do you like it when teh girls give you teh anals:cool:?

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