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  1. So I've been dating this girl for awhile and we both really like each other and have talked about having sex but we both virgins and I'm a little nervous about popping her cherry and shit just exploding everywhere. Does anyone have any advice for what to do so blood doesn't get everywhere?
  2. Put that towel on the bed and saddle up cowboy.
  3. Bone her in the shower.
  4. sorry to break it to ya -- but there will most likely be blood regardless if it shoots out everywhere or not. most likely your dick will have some blood on it but it won't be gushing our vampire style or anything. put some towels underneath you guys so it won't mess up the bed.

    good luck
  5. when my cherry "popped" i didnt even bleed, sorry if that was tmi haha. so maybe she already popped it. its a possibility.
  6. Yeah as said above there was no blood for myself as well, she has probably used a tampon by now maybe even a vibrator, and well its taken care of.
  7. There was a little blood for me but I went straight to the bathroom after and there wasn't a mess or anything. I'd suggest leaving a towel down and have her go straight to the bathroom after. Even if there is a little blood it won't look like a massacre or anything. Getting your period during sex is way more messy. Speaking from personal experience >.>
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    After it pops or after were done having sex..
  9. Like others have said, it's not a tonne of blood. Put some towels down. Sometimes the hymen can be broken with tampons, if she has masturbated before, or even doing some movements in sports can break it. Virgins don't always bleed, so don't be suprised if she doesn't.

    When people say "pop the cherry", they do not mean it's literally going to pop.
  10. I agree with stephanie and jesskay.

    Some girls bleed a lot, and some girls don't at all.
    I didn't and in fact, the first time kinda sucked.

    My only advice would be grab a towel or something
    and take your time. Don't rush and make sure she's
    thoroughly aroused. When I say aroused, I mean aroused...
    like she's so wet (not bleeding) and absolutely begging
    for your cock. Also, try a finger or two, just to test it

    And then...
    [ame=]LL Cool J - Doin' it feat Leshaun - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Before, that way there is no awkward time out. Explore each other for awhile, touch, nibble, fondle, build, even if it takes a few get togathers.

    Patience is a virtue and you each will be more relaxed with familiarity (and lust). ;) :smoke:
  12. oh so this is where all the GC females come together?



  13. You posses it!

    Tap into the power of The Third Eye, Blade. :smoke:
  14. Don't worry its not like an explosion both cherries I've popped were a very small amount of blood
  15. Just fucken do it bro
  16. The tamps took a bullet for me. No blood whatsoever

  17. its not like that, now the 1st day or two of her period, I would worry.

    With a cherry, throw some k-y up in her, lube up your cock, put the tip in and lunge forward as hard and as fast as you can! A virgin is rare, go for it and bury your cock to the hilt!

    Send that fucking cherry up in to her kidneys!

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