Girls can not being jealous enough be a turn off?

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  1. I am really care free, like honestly I could give 2 shits less what my girl does. Like I care and wanna know what shes doing, but if it were her and 6 dudes I could care less. I know she likes me, and don't have a reason to not trust her. She always has guys texting her and stuff, and I just tease her about it. I know what its like to have friends of the opposite sex so I let it be.

    My mom was telling me the other day how she thinks I'll drive my girl crazy being that way. She goes on telling me how she had a really obsessive bf and hated it, but then dated a guy like me, and hated the fact that he never ever got jealous.

    In all honesty I don't really get jealous, but I do get kind of worked up when I really wanna see her and she rather be with her friends. Of course I respect that and don't let it show, but im starting to think I should a little? Like don't be mad about it, just make it obvious in a sense?

    How do you girls feel about guys who just don't get jealous?
  2. simple thats is a very good quality to have
  3. Thats what I thought, but my mom made me second guess. Made me feel as if not getting a little jealous = not caring.
  4. I think there's a very fine line that separates "caring" from "jealousy".

    I'd rather have a mate who "cares", rather then evoke "jealousy."
  5. YOu can't force yourself to be jealous. It's either you are or you aren't.

    Obviously you're not feeling it, and that's a good thing.

    Jeolousy is not a good feeling to be feeling.
  6. If you never get jealous or angry that would be a little bit of a sign that you didn't care.

    If you're getting too jealous all the time it's probably because you're a control freak.

    It's all about balance.
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    I'm not really the jealous type when it comes to girls either, they are gonna do what they are gonna do and if they are gonna be rude and cheat and what not well, not much I can do about that. Girls are just as capable as making decisions as I am and they will be dealt consequences for those choices, good or bad, as would I. I said that to a girl I dated about a year ago and she took it kinda personally. She made a bet with me that she could make me jealous. Well, she never did, at the bitter end she said she felt unhappy with me because she felt like I didn't care about her. Needless to say I was confused as shit.

    So I would say yes, not being jealous enough can be turn off for girls. But I think they think of it has a form of caring where as I just see it as they want to make us jealous or whatever...Girls are weird.

    EDIT: Plus I think that jealousy we would get would send signals to the girl that we like them, we want them, we don't want to share, they are pretty and what not, and we need them etc etc etc....
  8. i think that if you were to be a little more interested in her activities when it comes to being around a bunch of dudes like that, then maybe it would be okay. honestly i would be more concerned tho if she was with a guy, just the 2 of them alone.

    but if you just showed a little more interest in what was going on, kind of just to see how her day was and like have her tell you a story of whatever was happening, but not in way thats overly intrusive. just to give her the idea that you really care and are the listening type, but that way if that day comes when she did happen to mess around with someone else, then you could get an good idea of if she is lying cuz her story telling will be off slightly.

    so really its less of paying attention to what she was saying but more as to how she is saying it. but since you are confident that she wouldnt cheat, then it would be easier to actually pay attention to what she is taking about.

    i dont really care what my girl does either, she doesnt do anything really. so my concern is lowered even more but if she was to hang out with a particular guy a majority of the time and they happened to be alone a lot of those times, then i might wonder about his intentions, not necessarily hers. so thats something to think about as well.
  9. The only thing i fucking hate is hearing "It's not you I don't trust, it's the other person."

    My boyfriend doesn't get jealous either, but he does get upset over some shit and i don't mind because i know he cares. He's sexy when he's angry.
  10. you don't need to change a thing!
    just make sure you show that you care in all other aspects of your relationship.

    just like ggrass said, jealousy is not a good feeling to be feeling.
  11. driving girls crazy is a good thing.
    your mom hated the fact, but she was just that much more attracted to the man.
    jealousy is a female's trait. and that is a turn off.

  12. Hell no it isn't.

    Every guy I've dated has been VERY jealous without being controlling/obsessive/creepy, with the exception of the person I'm dating now.

    It's not gender specific.
  13. lol dawg youre girl is gettin a train ran on her
  14. Hell no, you're really lucky to be able to be like that, I'm like that myself, but i'm also an asshole, been told by many people, i know myself as an asshole, and have even had my tara read, and it basically told me, I'm going to get the girl of my dreams, and then get dumped because im an asshole.
  15. Yea, it's def. not gender specific. That's funny cause in my relationship I hardly ever feel jealously, but my boyfriend gets jealous kind of easily.
  16. :laughing: well, better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
  17. dudes have the worst kind of jealousy.

    and they tend to over react worse than females.
  18. Agreed! I have never freaked if a girl was talking to my guy. I know that I trust him and he loves me and I love him.
  19. getting closer is good, but freedom is good too
  20. dude thats way better than the opposite extreme.

    spying, hacking passwords, invading all her privacy, etc.

    if a girl has an issue with you trusting her, she's freakin neurotic.

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