Girls.... at what age?

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  1. At what age did you start to cum from playing with yourself?

    Guys vary, and at certain ages you can still get the feeling without actually producing a load.

    Wondering if it is the same for chicks.
  2. Around 4 and a half.
  3. when i used to be a little girl, i'd say about six
  4. Story of my life
  5. I don't know why but this thread really creeps me out. I can just imagining OP jacking off to these answers.

  6. Holy shit not at all. I thought the age would be a lot older. Maybe I'm just a late bloomer.
  7. I believe you OP.

    On another note I would've spent less time playing Nintendo when I was 6 if I would've known this.

    I'm joking. Or am I? Who knows? Not Me. Do you know? Couldn't be.
  8. I first orgasmed when I was 13, I believe, in the shower...

    I played with myself for a few months before the actual glorious moment happened...
  9. I recently told my girlfriend the first time i jerked was 13 and she like lol wut :p. I never knew that was so late..she said she did at like 9-10. i was like :eek::confused::rolleyes:;)
  10. Young. Lol.... Embarrassingly young.

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