Girls are ugly without make up

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  1. Seriously even the hottest women in the world look like the devil without make-up. Wtf is up with this? Are men really the more attractive gender? We dont make up and many guys in the world actually look good, work out, etc.

    I am obviously interested in women being a guy, but i just find it weird how different they look without makeup. Hopefully Im not the only who thinks this...
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    every girl ive ever dated is naturally beautiful... i dont date girls that have wear make up

    but cant blame OP since he only sees the girls at his middle school
  3. How superficial. There are definitely plenty of naturally beautiful women.
  4. I think that you will have a couple of men agree with you but not most.
  5. You are idjit.

    There are plenty of girls with natural beauty, how about you take off those corporate lenses and see with your eyes?
  6. :) :smoking::smoking::smoking:

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  7. Sweatpants, hair tie, chilling with no make up on. That's when you're the prettiest. I hope that you don't take it wrong.

    Yep. Drake was right.
  8. Maybe youre right just a thought i had, no offense to anyone lol
  9. Pussy dont have make up
  10. You must not get many women...
  11. OP i honestly feel very bad for you man

    I find girls who only look good with make up is actually a really ugly thing for me. Its also a turn off

    Now an all natural girl with a pretty face is what its all about man.

    Silicone hoes have all the confidence, but the natural girls get all the compliments

    Idk im high
  12. I think that saying should be switched
  13. Probably lol
  14. I agree op lol

    In general girls go down like 2 or 3 points in attractiveness after no makeup haha
  15. A girl with sweats is hot. Easy to take it off ;)
  16. Yay lol not the only one
  17. I worked with a guy who said the same thing to another coworker, (however it was obviously for my benefit) going on about how European girls put make up on to go to burger king and are beautifull and his fiancee never puts it on even for special occasions, went on about how she looked gross too yadda yadda blah blah. Long story short, I hated that guy.
  18. Yea peepz arent too keen on admitting it

    Pretty cool in a way tho, no pedestal rly, that beautiful girl u see who gets complimented 24/7?

    Yea give a good wipe of her face with makeup remover and no more beautiful girl
  19. All girls become beauty queens
    Once they take their pants off
  20. i know a chick that looks amazing with no makeup. just depends on the girl honestly

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