Girls are the only area of my life that I can't figure out

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  1. As far as money and careers go, I'm not exactly sure what I'm gonna do in that area but I have a lot of options so I know I'm gonna be good in that area. On the current path I'm on I could very well end up making $50k-$100k a year from my job in the future. But when it comes to girls, I have no options or prospects and I can't figure it out. I don't know what else to do to make myself more attractive to girls that I'm not already doing. I work and go to the gym, I don't know what else to do.

    I think my biggest problem is I rarely ever meet girls I find attractive, and when I do see one out in public my mind goes blank and I don't know how to approach them or what to say, so I end up not doing anything. I'm not afraid to approach girls at all, I just don't know how to "spit game".
  2. I think all guys have this problem or else there would not be any single guys lol.

    just approaching girls randomly in public usually won't work imo unless you are extremely good looking or something. I think that you have to get to know a girl first. if you just approach a girl in public I think most would think you just do that to every girl you see and like I said unless you have killer looks she will probably ignore you or give you a number and not answer.

    depends on the public situation though. like right now i'm at my university library and there is a pretty girl across from me and she keeps on looking at me. i'm sure if I was confident I could go talk to her get a number text her later on and maybe get a date out of it.

    but if you just approach girls at the bus station I don't know how that will go.

    but from what I understand girls want boyfriends just as bad as guys want girls maybe even more. so when you go talk to a single girl it will probably make her happy unless you are very ugly or scare her with your body language and actions lol.
  3. Just hangout with your friends and eventually there will be girls you guys hangout with.

    I met my girlfriend when I went out with my friend and his girl that was a friend. She brought another girl so it would be even. I had never hungout with them before but they were chill.

    Me and the other girl started texting to make plans for us 4 and then we started making plans on our own and then we started dating.

    Couldn't be happier

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