Girls are stinking up the house...wife says they gotta go

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  1. ...outside that is. I have a screened-in patio on the back of my house. I have enough property that neighbors aren't a problem. The only problem is the heat (Southeast US). Even with my fans going full blast, my internal temps still hit 86 today. My setup consists of one of these:

    Utility Cabinet

    ...lined with reflective insulation and two of these:

    Server Rack Fans

    ...for ventilation. My light is an 84X-PRO LED from HydroGrow (amazing light BTW). With this setup, my girls stay about 3 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature. I was thinking about adding this...

    ClimateRight CR-2550

    ...on my patio to help with the temps. Plus, it will come in handy when it starts to get colder. Has anybody here had any experience with any AC units like this one? Any thoughts on how well it might perform?
  2. 86 is acceptable. Once you hit the 90s you should owrry.
  3. my carbon filter kills all smells!! great invention
  4. I'm about 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico...the "90's" is definitely within the realm of possibility.

    I was able to get the AC unit cheaper than I thought, so I think I'm gonna give it a shot. Eventually I'll post some pics when it is all setup. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. I'd use ONA gel and carbon filters if you can attach them.
  6. That's pretty funny you went from getting rid of your plants to buying an air conditioner.

    Nevermind I'm high, didn't get it at first. Derr

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