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girls are so hard to read

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Gerald92, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. ok so i just wanted to kinda rant about this chick i know. so i met this chick in like may of this year, i was a junior in HS then and she was a freshmen. so watever, i think shes attractive but dont think much of it, i also knows she has a bf at another school. so then one day we start talking a lot and flirting. we never did anything, but i mean we would always flirt and she would always hold my hand etc. which while its not a big deal isnt something id want my gf doing with other guys. also her friend would always "remind" her that she had a bf when we were together. so i guess they broke up in like june maybe, and we talked a little this summer through text and actually at some points talked a lot and not only flirted but talked about i guess you could say some kinda deep stuff, mainly her talking to me. i guess i kinda developed a thing for her, and was lookin forward to seeing her this school year. well, i find out, she has a bf who goes to our school , and theyve been together since mid summer. this guy is sorta an idiot, me and my friends felt that way before they were together, and i think he also quit blazing for her (shes not completely anti pot, but shes definitly at least a little bit brainwashed). so im like wow that sucks and thats pretty lame that she sorta lead me on but watever. so we still talk a good amount. so then last week, i was walking at school and i saw them walking together holding hands and such. now, this doesnt matter for the story but at the time i was high as shit from an edible i had eaten a couple hours ago lol. so this chick lets go of her boyfriends had, runs up to me and hugs me and tells me how much she misses hanging out with me and how we need to hang out. her bf is just standing there awkwardly, and im not gonna like it was sorta awkward for me too, but since i was high it was kinda funny. i was just like ya i miss you too, typical shit. so my school is off this whole week, so yesterday she randomly writes on my facebook wall how much she misses me and shit. then i text her later and she doesnt reply :confused: so ya, im not that pissed about this girl as i was because its gotten to the point where its almost a joke, but i think its annoying how girls can act like this and its not a big deal but if a guy does hes considered a player and his reputation is ruined.
  2. This girl sounds like a potential slut and a tease. You should probably stay away.
  3. haha i know right. i mean i think shes actually a virgin, but ya she is sort of a tease. i dunno its weird, like i can laugh about it but in the end i do sorta have feelings for her and it doesnt help me get over those feelings when she keeps trying to flirt with me and stuff when she has a bf!
  4. Girls do that all the time.. if they say they miss u, want to hang out with you etc always keep in mind it could and quite probably just is a joke/tease.
  5. ya man very true. it just sucks like im not gonna lie shes gorgeous and also shes a really cool chick when were just talking and shes not doin this bs, but i know i probably need to let it go at this point.
  6. From a girls perspective, this chick is just mean and lost... I would leave her to deal with her crap. Playin games with dudes is never cool
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    It sounds like you've been placed under the "friends only" category, good sir.

    Sorry to say man, but she really didn't do anything wrong.
    She didn't make any commitments to you, and she certainly didn't have any intent to hurt you.

    She probably saw that you're a chill dude and a great friend, and enjoyed your company.
    I kiss my friends that are girls, and it never means a thing. We're just comfortable with one another.
  8. Man, I know those types of girls all too well:(

    Best prescription is to just keep a good distance away. She probably just likes getting attention from you because it was/is so easy, thereby making her feel more confident. Take it from me, had two of these girls messing with me during my junior year and the summer before my senior year and it damn near ruined my life. But then I started smoking weed, and it was all good:smoke:

    And yeah, it is unfair girls can do that sort of crap without necessarily getting a bad rep, but it's one of man double standards we abide by.

    If you ever need strength, though, just remember the words of the brightest doctor out there: "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.":p
  9. ya man haha bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks some words of wisdom man haha. and i dont really think this is a friend zone situation, ive been in that situation before and she still tries to flirt with me and shit, but who knows maybe she just acts differently in those situations :confused:
  10. It sounds like she really just likes toying with guys to get a reaction out of them. And just because it may or may not be an issue of friend-zoning doesn't mean she can't try to be a tease.

    Just to tackle one of your earlier statements about thinking she's "actually a virgin:" you know blowjobs and anal don't count as losing your V-card, right?:p (I kid, and mean no offense whatever to the girl, but that was the first thought that came to mind when I read your post)
  11. haha i know, whether shes a virgin or not doesnt really matter to me, but just from some previous conversations im like 90% sure shes a virgin.
  12. You're probably right, bro. You've talked to her, haha.

    I've just learned that in this day and age, telling if a girl is a virgin or not is getting harder and harder.

    Used to be you could eyeball a weeaboo from a mile away and know they were a virgin. Now, those weeaboos are getting more tang than I do on a daily basis. The fuck!?!?
  13. I've been dealing with a few guys lately who are exactly the same way it's so annoying!!!!
  14. What would Halpert do
  15. EXACT FUCKEN SAME shit^^^happened to me, fucken highschool bro all the bitches are messed in the head

    man every comment is the same STAY AWAY and start talking to other girls trust itll get better my man
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