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  1. Throughout school it seems on average girls are more organized, and did all there work, basically it seems like girls always go above and beyond what most boys would do, not to say there aren't ones who do. But I have a theory to this.
    Any guy who's been to school can relate that it takes zero time at all to get ready you could wake up at 5:00am and shower and dress and whatever 15 mins later. But girls, most girls wake up HOURS before they even need to be at school. Some girls will even take up to 3-4 HOURS getting ready to LEARN. But during this time they have woken up and exercised the brain and what did they do all that getting ready for anyways? School! So now they are enjoying school probably a lot more than guys do because they probably feel better about themselves and more positive because they feel that they invested a lot of time and focus and energy to make themselves look good.

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    not sure if i'm reading to deeply into the apostrophe ,but are you talking about girls being smarter because they take part in these behaviors or that these behaviors make them smarter?
  3. How do you define smart though?

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    Girls are meaner to eachother than guys are to eachother. So the average girl wants to look and feel better than the one standing beside her. They are so judgemental to one another too. I'd hate to be a girl. And fuck the whole pregnancy/ giving birth shit, that'd be horrible too. I'm sorry but it's true.
    No wonder they treat men like shit haha
  5. i would say the capacity to show remarkable intelligence is not determined by gender. that said, the majority of those displaying genius in fields like science, mathematics and philosophy have been predominately male, so take that as you will. 
  6. its an interesting point you raise though, but i would ask, where does one learn best? by your logic those waking up hours before class would certainly have an advantage during class, but is this where you truly learn? i would posit that those who are less awake during class have no such disadvantage while studying or doing homework, later in the day, is the opportunity not relative? 
  7. Girls are more studious on average, I personally believe, because the average girl has nothing better to do with their time. It's the simple gender gap. Guys are always doing something, be it jacking off, thinking about the universe, playing video games, what have you. Whereas at an early age, girls are taught to simply care about material things; find a husband, look pretty, etc.
    Perhaps it's that girls have something to prove as the gender which is historically oppressed. I think my theory of them having nothing better to do holds more true though, in my personal experience. I've known lots of girls fairly well, and they study on Fridays, study right after school etc. because they're not rushing home to get high or play games or anything. My personal, and likely to be viewed as sexist, opinion on the matter.
    *Note that I used 'on average' a lot. I do know girls who have more interesting activities in their lives, and they generally act more like males than they do their female counterparts.
  8. Girls aren't smarter, but it seems they are better able to cooperate with what is required to succeed in the school environment...homework, etc, whereas guys are less likely to do what feels like busy work.
  9. I love when girls give me brain
  10. That's a good point. Perhaps women are more suited to the style in which schools are set up.
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    Females are generally doing better in school these days.  The share of young women in college is at 71% and the share of young men is at 61% immediately after High School, according to the Pew Research Center.  There are various theories as to why this may be.
    Interestingly the share of males has stayed the same since 1994 while the share of females has increased significantly.
  12. I just feel like girls are better at keeping their shit together compared to boys, but men are different 
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    In high school I never studied, never did any of my work, skipped class constantly, and was a total slacker. School's a joke, and what you see has nothing to do with what's going on inside. I know people who studied their asses off and they have the grades to back it up, but outside of a school environment they're either average or don't know shit. Such a stupid fucking list of reasons too. "They seemed more organized on average". Yea, and some of the same girls that look organized have fucking rooms that look like shit, or will get knocked up due to not factoring in a condom or BC. How the fuck does any of this shit factor into actual intellect? You're just taking a bunch of variables, putting it under one equation and saying "this equals them being smarter". False. Some women are smarter because some put more effort into being of a higher caliber all-around or just genuinely enjoy school. Same as guys. No one gender is smarter. All of these studies, tests, experiments, are just stupid fucking ways for people to push gender-biased rhetoric. There's some situation, some variable, or some test that is just specifically set to cater to one gender's sensibilities or typical behavior, and then they reap the rewards by looking exemplary. Boring.
  14. There was the girl in elementary that could color like none other. My schoolboy manhood twitched with each one of her majestic color strokes.

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